U.S. high-altitude helium balloon carrying a black hole X-ray telescope study

Washington University and NASA to conduct a joint study by the high-altitude helium balloon observations of cosmic black hole, the telescope will climb to 36,000 m height by altitude helium balloon.

U.S. high-altitude helium balloon carrying a black hole X-ray telescope study

High-altitude helium balloon can reach a height of more than 30,000 meters, where the environment is conducive to observations of cosmic black holes

According to foreign media reports, researchers from Washington University in St. Louis and NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Foundation recently using high-altitude helium balloon release a telescope, a black hole in the universe can be observed. The reason why scientists have proposed using a balloon to study the idea of ​​a black hole because of the use of the telescope rocket higher cost, if you use high-altitude helium balloon you can drive down costs, but the effect may be less than the observed orbital telescope. The high-altitude helium balloon ascent to 36,000 meters, than the average airliner cruising altitude to about 3-4 times higher, in this highly Come on almost 99 percent of the Earth’s atmospheric interference, help conduct research on black holes .

Responsible for the subject of this study is a professor of physics at the University of Washington Krawczynski, who earlier this month said that the current high-altitude helium balloon still no official release date, possibly as early as this weekend, scientists plan to put a By altitude helium balloon telescope into the upper atmosphere, but wind conditions may prevent this observation missions, so the success of launch depends on the weather conditions. High-altitude helium balloon release site is located in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, helium balloon launch will reach the height of 36,000 meters, the current release of the work is already in preparation.

Scientists ready to release the telescope is an X-ray telescope to study cosmic objects primarily by high-energy X-ray polarization, the Earth’s atmosphere at high energy X-ray telescope that can be captured. Black hole as one of the most mysterious objects in the universe, we can not be observed by visible way to the black hole, because the black hole’s gravitational field is very strong, even light can not escape the control of the black hole, which is one reason why black holes invisible, so scientists trying to study black holes by X-ray. Although black holes can not be observed in visible light, but black holes emit X-rays, so that we can detect the presence of a black hole.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center researcher Scott is currently preparing to start high-altitude helium balloon, the balloon is made of thin material, and then through a hose pressure, forming a mushroom shape, the internal volume of approximately 1.13 million cubic meters of vertical height can reach 274 meters, the balloon end connected to the X-ray telescope, basket height of about three meters. Release process is actually very dangerous, if early release, balloons are not enough lift, then the telescope will fall to the ground, so Scott release process requires detailed planning. If the weather allows, within two days of high-altitude helium balloon will fly, NASA will be broadcast live.

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