China will open the “civil space travel.”


“The edge of space tourism project” With Super helium balloons carrying manned flight mode sightseeing cabin crew will arrive 40,000 meters high edge of space.

civil space travel

Recently, a number of well-known aerospace experts gathered in Beijing Aerospace City, participate in the “edge of space tourism project” overall design workshop. Famous Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of the original Chang E project at the seminar said: “The project technical solutions with feasibility, space tourist flight is to achieve a relatively secure, safe and economical way while Chinese private enterprise energy and aerospace. research institutions, dare to invest, develop aerospace project is a laudable things, but also the future development trend of Astronautics. relevant state departments and research institutes should encourage and support the development of private space tourism companies. “ Discussion of the project design and further implementation marks China’s space dreams of ordinary people kicked off, space tourist era Chinese folk coming.

“The edge of space tourism project” using helium balloons manned reach 40,000 meters high edge of space.

“The edge of space tourism project” has been supported by a number of Chinese aerospace technology research institutions. Projects using Super helium balloons carrying manned flight mode sightseeing cabin crew will arrive edge of space 99.85% atmospheric (40,000 m height) away. During the flight, the cabin crew can see in the dark dome space tourist beauty, more than 1000 km of the Earth arc, spectacular sunrise in space, space sunset, you can also experience a short float weightless. In cruise flight, the crew can clearly see the craters on the moon, you can find “Chang E detector” and “Apollo” of the placement, or even have a chance to observe the red flash, blue rapids, coronal mass ejections and other rare sight.

Five-hour flight, the crew in a special pressurized suits and sightseeing under the protection of a double cabin, you can enjoy exceptional views of different height, will complete a series of scientific experiments. For most ordinary Chinese people, this will be a great life experience.

The experts agreed that: reasonable overall design of the project, the domestic-related technology is mature, safe and reliable performance, rigorous design and implementation, with feasibility. The project development costs are relatively low, is an ideal platform for ordinary people to achieve space tourist, and for private enterprise to intervene. Meanwhile, the flying platform can also be a variety of scientific research, has a high development value.

Chinese aerospace industry to attract private enterprise involvement, give Chinese aerospace industry to bring a breakthrough.

Experts say Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said: China’s aerospace industry is only to attract the majority of private companies involved, market-oriented operation, the real implementation of civil-military integration, in order to bring a breakthrough in the development of China’s aerospace industry.

CLC overall responsibility for the technical design of the project: “We are a tourist cabin for project design and special pressurized suits, to ensure that the effect of the occupants of sightseeing and comfort items to set up multiple security measures to ensure occupant safety in the development. After the phase is completed, the test flight will be carried out several times, and then choose its manned sightseeing flight. “

Aerospace expert project team introduction: “This project specifically developed pressurized suits contains both a special parachute, passengers can if necessary skydiving, parachuting experience limit, or for an emergency.”

Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Golden Ocean Project Fang Fang-president briefed the meeting: After the seminar, will gradually enter the product design, manufacturing stage, will also participate in the selection of flight personnel. Participants will receive specialized training space explorers under the guidance related to aerospace experts, to participate in the flight after passing the examination.

Many countries and companies have invested human and material resources in the development and operation of space tourism.

Space tourism is the future of the blue ocean industry. According to the U.S. Space Foundation report, in 2012, the global aerospace market reached $ 304 billion. Many countries and companies have invested human and material resources in the development and operation of this activity. In China in 2011 to develop a “Space White Paper” clear: “to encourage community participation in space activities to encourage industrial enterprises, research institutions, commercial enterprises, universities and community groups under the guidance of national space policy, to play their respective advantages, and actively participate. Space activities involved in the field of international space exchanges and cooperation. “

Fang-also appeal to countries to develop legislation on civil space activities as soon as possible: First, allow or encourage private enterprises to participate in space activities, clear and specific policies to facilitate private capital to enter the field of aerospace; Second, standardized management space tourism-related business activities, different forms of research and development, testing, adventure, agents and commercial aviation and other civil space activities to develop appropriate management practices. Relevant departments of civil space activities as soon as possible legislation conducive to China’s private space tourism business healthy growth and integration in the world of space tourism industry, promote the overall development of national science and technology.

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