France developed a solar charging mobile phone screen

French manufacturer the latest development of a solar charging mobile phone screens, artificial light and sunlight can be transformed into electrical energy, sun exposure 10 minutes, four minutes can convert mobile phone battery usage time.


Wysips crystal technology can be transformed into artificial light and sunlight energy to keep the phone continue to charge.Figure, it is crystal thin layer can be used as a transparent screen phone, the light irradiation 10 minutes extended four minutes mobile phone battery.

This latest technology can be installed in mobile phones, tablet PCs and the camera’s screen, manufacturer believes that it can be any surface into an energy source

According to the British Daily Mail reported that the latest technology can be achieved when the phone battery is damaged, locate your phone’s location, or when the battery is exhausted send emergency text messages, at present, scientists latest development of a solar charging mobile phone screen, enabling mobile phone anytime, anywhere to maintain the state of charge.

This amazing technology people can not believe that it is based on a technique called “Wysips” innovative technology, artificial light can be converted into electric current and the sun’s rays, the phone kept in normal condition.

Wysips technology uses light collected crystals installed in mobile phones, tablet PCs and smart watches above or below the screen, early prototypes exposed to the sun for 10 minutes, four minutes extend mobile phone battery life.

Currently, the French manufacturer SunPartner Group is committed to expanding this latest technology, has signed a contract, plans to apply to the new phone. Reportedly, the company’s main new solar energy and Wysips technologies.

Optical technology can be converted into electrical energy sunlight, SunPartner thin layers of material placed in the photoelectric one microlens network, thereby forming a thin layer of a transparent thin. The technology is also applicable to other screens and windows, the manufacturer can be any surface that as an energy source.

Based on industry standards, Wysips crystal composition 90% transparent. SunPartner that thin layers of material does not affect the photoelectric cell phone screen contrast, visibility, angle or brightness.

This technology can convert light energy to become energy to be transmitted directly to the phone charging circuit, just as it turns on the charge power supply or connect the USB port.

In the sunlight per square centimeter of the prototype can be converted into 2.5 mW power, when the phone is exposed to sunlight for 10 minutes to obtain an energy that can achieve 2-4 minute phone call.

SunPartner stressed that 60-70% of mobile installation thin layer of transparent material can produce 10 milliwatts per square centimeter of power, exposure to the sun for 10 minutes, get about 16 minutes of phone calls power. Currently, the company plans to launch in 2014 such a transparent charging screen.

Transparent charging screen when the handset manufacturers to install, connect to a power conversion and control of the production of electronic chips. Meanwhile, Wysips technology can also be used to widen the perspective of small-screen devices.

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