Most likely to lead to the destruction of Earth’s four major disaster

By following can make you understand that most likely lead to the destruction of Earth’s four major disaster.

Most likely to lead to the destruction of Earth's four major disaster

Neutron stars: neutron star is now ranked first in the list of the destruction of Earth. You can not stop a neutron star, if you block its path, then the disaster will occur. A neutron star will indeed destroy anything on the route it, perhaps one day will befall us. Destructive neutron star is unmatched, it can be said that the arrival obliterated.

Asteroid: asteroid impact event brought two possible manner of death. If you look more closely at the impact, you will die painlessly. Obviously asteroid impact would kill everyone in the surrounding area, and emergency evacuation is not possible. In addition and super volcano, asteroid impacts will lead to no sun for long. Lack of sun will lack resources, causing a variety of survival.

Artificial black holes: If this disaster it is all our own human error. A few years ago a group of scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research Council (CERN) are manufactured with a Large Hadron Collider. Before it starts, people worry that it is possible to create an artificial black hole immediately swallow the Earth.

Super volcano eruption: If the super volcano eruption, will probably lead to the arrival of another ice age. A variety of volcanic ash and other debris super volcano will erupt into the atmosphere, they will gather in a few years time there and block the sun. Climate change will completely until life on Earth can no longer tolerate, we all will die.

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