Rift lunar surface hides a huge square structure: width 2500 km

Scientists recently discovered a hidden underground giant square-shaped structures on the moon. This structure width of 2500 km, the scientists believe that this is an ancient rift system, which was later filled with lava.


According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website reported that scientists have recently discovered a hidden underground giant square-shaped structures on the moon. This structure width of 2500 km, the scientists believe that this is an ancient rift system, which was later filled with lava.

This structure is located in the Ocean of Storms moon position, the researchers found that this structure in the gravity field data 2012 launch of NASA’s Grail probes. And now, we know that the situation in the presence of this structure, we go conscious observation of surface structures in this region, we will find from the surface can vaguely see the trail of this insidious structure.

For example, cold sea (Mare Frigoris). This is a dark area of ​​the lunar surface has long been a long-term observation, it seems it is clear this is a boundary of this ancient rift system.


Jeffrey Andrews – Hanna (Jeffery Andrews-Hanna) professor from the Colorado School of Mines United States, he said: “This structure is so great, really amazing it covers approximately 17% of the total area of ​​the lunar surface and if. You will be converted it into the earth, then it is equivalent to North America, Europe and Asia all together and size. “


He said: “When we first identify the structure of the data in the Grail, we were shocked that it’s huge, and it is so clear, but is so unbelievable.” On this find relevant papers have been published in “Nature” magazine recently published.

So, this amazing structure How was it?

Andrews – Professor Hanna and his colleagues noted that there are a lot of natural radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium and potassium in the Ocean of Storms area.

Moon in the early presence of these radioactive elements may cause heat heating lunar crust, and when it finally cooling contraction will produce fissures, these fractures cause cracking of the lunar surface, forming a ravine. Geometric characteristics of this rift system leaked secret.


▲ lunar gravity venue in this figure, this apparent rift system emerged

On Earth, cooling and contraction will generally tend to produce a hexagonal shape, the angle is generally 120 degrees. The northern part of Ireland’s famous “Giant’s Causeway” This situation is a classic case of a small-scale. But even on a much larger scale, such as the Great Rift Valley system, some linear structure geologic still tend to follow this rule.

Large square structure storm ocean follow the same principle – because the entire structure overlying the moon this sphere. This means that the edges between its sides and the angle between more than 90 degrees. Andrews – Hanna said: “We have seen a little trick spherical geometry of the structure on the scale on this scale, a polygon with a 120-degree angle of actually showing a quadrilateral appearance, rather than the hexagon. . “

Study Group is currently unable to determine how this rift system is generated, but dating back to the project based on the Apollo moon rock samples test data to determine that this rift system should be about 3.5 billion years ago by volcanic lava flow filling.

The new study helps explain to some extent the long-standing problem of the origin of the Ocean of Storms. The other regions on the surface in the region is different, the shape closer to a circle. For these regions, the correlation with the shape of a large meteorite impact event forming between larger.

The research results also once again proved fruitful Grail probe project, which is precise lunar gravity field exploration program conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology led undertaken. The project consists of two identical satellites, one after the flight around the moon, in a year’s time on the lunar gravity field in unprecedented measurement accuracy. When these two satellites flying over different areas of the lunar surface empty, hidden under the lunar surface gravity anomalies will be detected.

In the gravity field data, up to the mountains and the deep basin on the signal performance is different. But the data also reveal differences in the same rock type and density in these areas. Specific to the Ocean of Storms cases, Grail project perceived change in the quality of the entire rift system filled with basaltic lava caused.

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