NASA “warp drive” test has been questioned

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According to foreign media reports, recently there is news claimed that NASA scientists have been carried out on the warp drive research work, and this science fiction-level power system was tested.After the announcement sparked much attention, supporters believe that the development of warp drive will allow us to go without the bulky fuel depths of the universe, and even be able to run faster than the speed of light. This sounds great, this studio is located at NASA’s Johnson Space Center Eagleworks laboratory, chief scientist Dr. Harold White, they have been called by a power plant EM drive gained thrust. The principle of this device, not a general sense by distorting space-time travel “warp drive.”

EM drive works is actually part of the energy by electromagnetic waves in a conical metal-enclosed space generated speculation that the idea of ​​the existence of this principle, is a violation of the conservation of momentum physics. It’s like you are sitting in the car seat to promote the dashboard, the car will go forward. Scientists believe Eagleworks lab program remain to be resolved. In previous tests, physicists are not running the system in a vacuum environment, and experimental set-up may also problematic. The bigger problem is that the principles of mathematics and physics behind this experiment is not yet perfect, may not even exist.

Even if this test is located in a high vacuum environment, but it does not mean interstellar stage driver engine era. From NASA Glenn Research Center to promote physics laboratory scientist Mark – Millis also working on the curvature drive technology, according to his research, the drive and wall-enclosed space distance between conductivity and systems geometry will affect the thrust generation. More importantly, we currently have no way to ensure that the system is in a high vacuum environment, still be able to work efficiently. Meanwhile, the results of this work has not reviewed journal articles and peer support, Eagleworks laboratory EM drive system is successful remains to be verified.

In addition, research is so high-tech engine, certainly takes a lot of money to support the experiment, laboratory operating expenses actually Eagleworks only $ 50,000 a year, even in the NASA-led, there is funding gap, enough to support high-quality research. It can be seen that warp drive is still on the verge of research, a group of warp drive, interstellar travel very dedicated scientists in advancing this work forward.

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