Scientists trying to teach the robot to protect human feeling pain

[Abstract ] Scientists say the church robot capable of feeling pain so that they and their fellow human beings remain secure in the future.

research scientist at the machine made everyone system takes into account the human response to pain made.

Tencent science hearing, according to British newspaper “Independent” reported that German researchers are teaching robots to feel pain.
From the University of Hanover and the Johannes Kuehn Sami Haddadin is exploring the development of an artificial nervous system, it can be used to help the robot to experience pain.

around this project allows the robot to detect objects can bring them harm.
For example, if a robotic arm is pressed a piece of equipment, the pain will make it tries to withdraw the arm, the same human instinct would let their hands away from sharp objects.

Johannes Kuehn involved in the project said: “Pain is a mechanism to protect us when we escape the source of pain can help us from harm.” Their project has the potential to protect the robot from injury, may also be
help their fellow human beings away from danger.

In the future, a growing number of robot may work side by side with humans, so teach them to avoid the pain of collision or accident, human workers suffer huge robotic arm less chance of head impact.

During the test, the researchers of a robotic arm to install a miniature fingertip sensor, covered with a layer of artificial tissue to mimic human skin structure.
When the sensor detects a high pressure or high temperature, it will pass, “pain”, and even according to the different circumstances which will be divided into mild pain, moderate pain and severe pain.

If the sensor is being squeezed, the robot will immediately evacuated, like the reaction when a human finger squeezed to make the same.
This technology is currently an early stage, but it will probably continue to increase as the robots in our lives and become a prerequisite.

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