Crocodile cleverly trapping of birds using small twigs

Scientists latest research shows that crocodiles are clever hunting expert in bird nesting season, they will balance the mouth portion of twigs floating in the water to lure the birds, the birds will eventually swallowed unsuspecting mouth.
 Crocodile cleverly trapping of birds using small twigs

Scientists observed that the use of small branches as alligator bait, birds of prey can be successful

Crocodile cleverly trapping of birds using small twigs 1

An alligator head on top a few small branches to lure birds nest

According to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, a new study shows that Indian crocodiles and alligators specializes in the use of tools, they know how to skillfully use twigs to lure waterfowl will eventually devour them.

These clever use of crocodile nesting birds during the annual head against several small branches, unsuspecting waterfowl fly over hundred branches taken, and finally they will escape the crocodile’s mouth. University of Tennessee zoologist monitors to observe crocodiles and alligators Indian behavior and found that they balance the mouth portion of the branches floating in the water to lure waterfowl, waterfowl mistaken branches to make floating in the water.

Zoologist at Louisiana alligator rookeries were observed each year from March to April was found nesting egrets and herons season, birds building nests began collecting twigs.

This is the first detailed observation of the reptiles use tool to lure prey, the scientists pointed out that although there may be surrounded by crocodiles, birds nesting in the trees beside a pond phenomenon is still very popular because they can make use of the crocodile as “umbrella” to prevent some of the climb tree predators, such as: snakes, monkeys and raccoons. However, these birds will have to pay a certain price, when the birds nest accidentally fell into the water crocodile has become a good meal, while crocodiles in the pond will be used as bait branches prey them.

This latest study, published in a recent issue of “animal behavior, ecology and evolution” on journals, research team leader Vladimir – Dinai Benitez (Vladimir Dinets) said there are two crocodile species found in the presence of this kinds of hunting techniques, it is possible other crocodile species are also widespread this phenomenon.

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