Exotic ants together end to end shipping large prey

Scientists have discovered a fine living in Southeast Asia fierce ant a very unique way to transport objects, they will be connected to each other into a daisy chain structure, millipedes death transported to the nest.

Exotic ants together end to end shipping large prey

Scientists observed that ants will be fine and shoved each other into a chain connected to the body structure, common to the huge size millipedes back to the nest to enjoy.

According to foreign media reports, if humans did work like ants, will have higher production capacity. For a long time, people are aware of ants good work together to protect the nests are not predators, and can even form a life raft in the torrent. Currently, the latest research shows that ants can be to each other to form a “daisy chain” configuration, the larger size of death among millipedes pulled nests.

This unique group behavior not previously observed before, scientists are currently explain the mystery. Experiments show that Southeast Asia called fine fierce ant ants can be connected to each other in a chain structure, transport heavy objects, fine fierce ants live mainly in tropical and subtropical regions.

多 明格兹冈 Angeles University of California entomologist Terry – Mike Green (Terry McGlynn) that had not seen the ants to form a daisy chain structure, we observed that the fine fierce ants clever use of this strategy will be 40 variety of food delivered to the nest, including: two ants moving along a leaf; ants carry dead bats together, and even snakes.

In addition, forest ants encountered a potential predator, predators will unite to spray acidic liquid that is harmless, smell near the acid, but it is sufficient to deal with woodpeckers and fetters chicken, these predators attack may bring their nests a disaster. But they must be joint action in order to achieve a deterrent effect on predators.

Ants can be very peaceful way to live together, when faced with a flood, the ants will use different parts of the body, such as: paw, jaw, etc., “assemble” to form a life raft.

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