Scientists disclose nearly six months before the asteroid hit Earth

British physicist Brian Cox that human beings need to invest more money in the asteroid observations, the danger level at March 2014 EC NEOs from about 60,000 kilometers from Earth’s position passing.

Scientists disclose nearly six months before the asteroid hit Earth

NEO impact hazard level may cause the Earth to destroy a city, or a threat to the survival of mankind

According to foreign media reports, the British physicist Brian Cox recently published views on the asteroid problem, he said we pass with a large asteroid, although this did not cause a negative close contact with the Earth impact, but no one knows what the next time, perhaps tomorrow. More frightening is that we monitor the ability of the asteroid’s too bad, can not find a more dark asteroids, many times until dark asteroid flyby was only from the vicinity of the Earth and we are aware of date, if it is a dangerous level NEO, then it is too late, too late to react and even humans was destroyed by an asteroid.

Scientists believe that an asteroid threat is immediate need to seriously consider the issue of mankind, the Mayan calendar end date of 2012, although the prophecy does not appear, but the threat of asteroids is real, just a few months ago the Earth experienced a narrow escape on test, a dangerous level NEOs from passing near the Earth, if slightly off the track a few, it could completely destroy us. Fengyun dangerous level NEOs was named 2014 EC, when in March from about 60,000 km from the Earth passing position to know from the Moon and the Earth is only about 380,000 km, Fengyun NEO hazard class with our one-way distance of only six months away.

Of course, this scene was not the last time in the future the Earth will face more of the same test, we present the main asteroid tracking project from NASA, the agency for the 1400 NEO hazard class track and calculate their influence on the probability of the earth, and the predicted orbit. Former astronaut Ed Lu will pass the asteroid with the Earth described as cosmic gamble, so far has not been an asteroid destroyed civilization entirely with luck, we currently may not have the ability to change the asteroid’s orbit, at least never tried.

Previously, researchers have proposed a bold vision, can blow up NEOs by nuclear weapons, but the idea was not really prepared and tested, even more surprising is that the Earth has such a large asteroid threat The global expenditure for space projects are the first decline in nearly two decades, a number of projects to military-based, if an asteroid hit the Earth, then these projects help to solve this problem. British space project expenditure of $ 500 million a year, compared with $ 23.3 billion the United States, other countries, funding for civilian aerospace less.

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