Recent archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem thousand treasures

Archaeologists digging in Jerusalem latest 7th century found a treasure, which contains: 36 exquisite gold, with a diameter of 10 cm embossed gold medal.



Archaeologists digging near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, found that 36 patterns carved Byzantine coins


Hebrew University Yi Late – Marcal show of discovering a beautifully embossed gold medal diameter 10 cm

According to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, archaeologists digging near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, found a treasure of the 7th century, there are a number of rare gold coins and precious relics.

They found that 36 were excavated Byzantine patterns carved with gold coins, a Jewish menorah carved with a diameter of 10 cm embossed gold medal, a claw hook, a law reel. The archaeological excavation was undertaken by the Hebrew University Yi Late – Marcal (Eilat Mazar) Dr. responsibility also found a pottery kettle three years ago, is considered to be the region’s earliest discovered engraved text containers. Marcal media interview, said: “my life, I have never found so much gold! Was shocked, so exciting!”

Found that these gold ear region located Aofei Byzantine public building site, located in David City and the first 50 meters south of the temple walls between. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is considered to be one of the most sacred religious areas previously here was to build two Jewish temples. Meanwhile, here is the gathering place of Islam, has been called the Nobel Pantheon. The site is considered to be part of the walls of ancient Jerusalem, its history can be traced back to the 10th century BC, probably built by King Solomon.

Age of these coins discovered across 250 years, including: Constantine II to Mauritius period.

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