U.S. government proposed a new plan to fight Ebola

United States President Barack Obama plans to announce a new effort to interesting, to provide assistance to suffer from Ebola virus troubled West African country.

Fight Ebola

People who died of Ebola in the West African burial. (Source: EC / ECHO / JEAN-LOUIS MOSSER)

In people of the United States military announced plans to offer only 25 beds in Liberia “Removable hospital” to help the country fight the Ebola epidemic has been sharply criticized President Barack Obama plans to announce a noticeable New efforts to provide assistance to suffer from the disease troubled West African country.

Obama will visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and to explore the United States in response to the Ebola outbreak should be given. There are reports that he may be announced to provide more mobile hospitals and important medical support, such as personal protective equipment and can take care of those infected and control the spread of the virus doctor.

Health and Human Services (HHS) is responsible for preparing and responding to the Assistant Secretary Nicole Lurie told the magazine “Science” interview, said she hopes the U.S. government’s aid would have a “big wave.” She stressed, would like to see more attention to providing better care for those infected. “There is a very wide variability in clinical care as those being delivered.” Lurie said. She noted that there are great differences in mortality in different regions, “We know that the majority of simple interventions could save lives.”

Lurie pointed out that lack of proper basic care, so it is difficult to determine whether the real effective biomedical interventions. 7 patients with Ebola virus antibody test drug ZMapp, of which two died. Despite the lack of complete clinical data, but ZMapp been extremely widespread attention, it also shows that the treatment is effective.

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston clinicians Michael Callahan said that even own immune response to reduce virus levels, “many” people still die of Ebola. Callahan noted that they did not die of Ebola virus itself, but from low potassium levels, diarrhea and bacterial infections, such as the “second event.” He believes that proper care will present mortality from 75% reported “reduced to less than 40%.”

World Health Organization on September 12 released data show that as of September 7, West Africa appear cumulative confirmed Ebola virus, suspected and possible infections 4366 cases, of which 2218 people died from the disease.

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