U.S. plans to build an asteroid defense system , called on ordinary people to participate.

NASA tries to establish Earth asteroid asteroid defense system after the landing, and allow more public to join the ranks of the observed asteroids.

Asteroid defense system

In the mid-2020s, NASA plans to capture an asteroid diameter of about 4-5 meters

According to foreign media reports, NASA will be executed on the first half of this century, two major space missions, the first one is the asteroid exploration, sending astronauts landed on the asteroid exploration; second manned landing on Mars. Asteroid exploration timetable for the mid-2020s, and landing on Mars accumulated technical basis for subsequent manned, currently underway with a number of NASA’s manned asteroid landing-related research and projects, such as the development of SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft, they can help us landing asteroids. In order to let the public know more about the asteroid landing mission, NASA opened a civic forum that allows public awareness of the importance of exploring the asteroid.

NASA tried to make the public understand that the asteroid is dangerous for us, some asteroids threatening Earth homeland security, we must thoroughly explore asteroids, know their origin and composition, but NASA also accelerated planetary defense work. For example, scientists are developing a program that can capture at 4-5 m diameter asteroid, the asteroid and then transport to the lunar orbit, we’ll send astronauts landed on the asteroid. The program involves a relatively stable orbit for the asteroid to use, but also to accumulate relevant NASA space flight technologies, in order to carry out future manned landing on Mars.

Discovered asteroid require more public participation, some dangerous near-Earth asteroid discoverer level is some astronomy enthusiasts, some Earth-threatening asteroid flyby of Earth when we still do not know, such as attacks on Russia Chelyabinsk State meteorite rain events in Russia before the crash without any warning measures, so we need more public participation in the asteroid observation mission. Also need to upgrade the capacity of observations of asteroids, because the asteroid surface temperature is very low, at or near the surface of the sun will have some albedo, which requires the use of more sophisticated means of infrared observations when observing asteroids to find in a distant orbit dark asteroids.

Allow the public to learn more about asteroids knowledge will help stimulate their interest to explore the universe, NASA manned landing on an asteroid after the completion of the task will be to establish the Earth asteroid defense system, the danger level statistical observations of NEOs, Many citizens also need help scientists to discover more threatening asteroids.

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