Gravitational waves found longer questioned: cosmic dust or underestimate the impact

Scientists intend to identify after the “big bang” very, very, very short period of time what happened, and cosmic dust may be destroyed this attempt.

Gravitational waves found longer questioned

Louisiana and Washington state have a gravitational wave observatory, a long structure is the interferometric arm, can be found in hundreds of millions of light years away in the black hole merger (data plan)

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, scientists intend to identify after the “big bang” very, very, very short period of time what happened, and cosmic dust may be destroyed this attempt.

British “Daily Mail” website reported on September 22, entitled “” big bang signal “is nothing but dust it?” Reported that in March of this year, U.S. scientists believe they saw the expansion of the universe, everything on the occasion of an initial a very brief moment.

However, other research teams quickly on this amazing discovery questioned. They believe that Harvard University BICEP observation group may have underestimated the impact of dust in the Milky Way.

Now, a recent study by the European Space Agency, “Planck” satellite to the latter statement provides greater credibility.

Their research shows that cosmic dust BICEP observation team observed the sky contains estimated to be more than before.

The study builds on top of two other independent studies. These two independent studies that, for the scientists observed distortions pattern, either with the early universe, “gravitational waves” to explain, you can simply use the dust to explain.

Although this group’s findings BICEP observations constitute a blow, but that does not mean their efforts entirely wrong. BICEP team and the “Planck” team is now working for the final assessment, the assessment results will be announced before next year.

Their study carried around a theory of Einstein. The theory is that, when a huge explosion occurred, it will leave ripples in space and time, which ripples called “gravitational waves.”

Initial “gravitational waves” allows us to understand the birth of the universe. Scientists have discovered that they left behind in the cosmic microwave background radiation imprint. Cosmic microwave background radiation is the “big bang” afterglow.

The theory is that this makes the initial explosion in the infancy of the universe into a ball close to the size of the infinitely small.

Earlier this year, experts say, they have seen these “gravitational waves”, and praised the experiment is a major step forward.

Help create “gravitational waves” Professor Peter detection equipment Ed was on the “Daily Mail” newspaper reporter, said: “To be honest, really incredible for me, this is confirmed by a wacky idea..”

For this study, astronomers spent three years with the installation of a telescope in Antarctica searching for about 2 percent of the sky.

For decades, scientists have been unable to observe the “gravitational waves”, this is because it is difficult to distinguish between curling and dust generated by the Milky Way today “gravitational waves” made of light.

BBC reported that one, BICEP team hopes to observe the clearest skies – Antarctica – to overcome this problem.

But they failed to capitalize on the dust data in Europe “Planck” satellite collected. “Planck” satellite observations of the sky high frequencies than other satellites.

“Planck” team claimed the sky around the area BICEP team observed the existence of dust thermal radiation polarization.

Scientists “Planck” team of reporters Cecil Reynolds BBC News Channel, said: “It is possible, but we measure the error is quite high.”

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