Australian scientists have discovered a small galaxy is a large galaxy ruthless swallow

Australian scientists through the observation of 22,000 galaxies discovered evolution of galaxies is mainly achieved through the merger of small galaxies would be annexed large galaxies.

Australian scientists have discovered a small galaxy is a large galaxy ruthless swallow

4 to 5 billion years, the Andromeda galaxy the Milky Way will merge to form a larger galaxy

According to foreign media reports, the universe of galaxies through continuous collisions, integration increases, scientists have observed some of the huge volume of galaxies, the birth of their intergalactic mainly through merger, there are some relatively small diameter of the galaxy, but it has quality massive central black hole, scientists believe this is the aftermath of a collision between galaxies part, and most of the material obtained by another galaxy. According to a recent survey, scientists from Australia Aaron Robotham think big galaxies in the universe rely mainly on small galaxies merge to form, revealing the basic law of galaxy evolution.

In order to study the evolution of galaxies, scientists around 22,000 galaxies were observed, statistical their basic situation, and eventually found that all galaxies were originally gathered from gas and other substances, the internal star formation in large quantities, but if you encounter quality larger galaxies, then the substance inside the small galaxy will be stripped, large galaxies through powerful gravitational obtain further substances. Research published earlier this week on the issue of the Royal Astronomical Society, said the merger between galaxies is the basic way galaxies grow, more material means more powerful gravity, so this process will become increasingly powerful, gradually merge more small galaxies.

Milky Way has been able to reach 100,000 light years in diameter, its growth process is formed by the continuous consolidation, located in the Milky Way dwarf galaxies around the Milky Way is gradually being consolidated, but now the galaxy merger process has become much more slowly for a long period are in contact with the larger galaxy did not occur within the time. Milky Way is currently merging the two dwarf galaxies near the Milky Way, the two dwarf galaxies is called the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Small Magellanic Cloud.

For the future of the galaxy, scientists have confirmed that the merger will occur and the Andromeda galaxy the Milky Way, some time in 40-5000000000 years later, the Andromeda galaxy currently has 2.6 million light-years away from us, the galaxy as seen from Earth is still a bright spot. With the continuation of the time, we will continue to see the Andromeda galaxy we move gradually into a larger celestial body, in theory, the Milky Way will be a greater volume of annexation of the Andromeda galaxy, the formation of a new galaxy. Evolution of the universe 13.8 billion years it has been, everywhere in the universe, galaxies merge, eventually the universe will become a huge volume of more galaxies.

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