United States found that “big eaters” rainbow trout

Alaska discovered a “big eaters” rainbow trout, only 48 centimeters in length, but the belly swallowed nearly 20 rats the size of shrews.



Alaska discovered a 48 cm-long rainbow trout belly swallowed nearly 20 shrews

According to foreign media reports, if the fish for a “big eaters” competition, Alaska a small rainbow trout will win “shrew” food champion. Recently, researchers found togiak Alaska National Wildlife Refuge an exotic rainbow trout, it even swallowed nearly 20 rats the size of shrews.

Togiak National Wildlife fish biologist Mike – Lysaker (Mark Lisac) said, surprising is that this trout is very small, only 48 cm in length. Before we know rainbow trout and other fish had swallowed shrews and mice and other small mammals, many freshwater fish are opportunistic eaters, they can be large Gourmet Kitchen Many prey.

This latest discovery to refresh the previous record holder rainbow trout, according to Lisak described previously discovered a shrew swallowed seven fish. But what is surprising is how this rainbow trout swallowed nearly 20 shrew?

Shrews are not good at swimming, sometimes drowned theory is best explained shrew habitat islands where flooded, happened to come across this rainbow trout shrew’s body will be swallowed belly.

Summer rainbow trout eat large quantities, can store enough fat for the winter, when the winter remain sedentary state will not eat too much food. Summer some fish’s digestive tract system is expanded these extra intestinal winter energy consumption. Lysaker has such characteristics that the rainbow trout.

Fairbanks University Fisheries biologist Trent – Thornton (Trent Sutton) said, I never heard of rainbow trout would devour shrew, but as an opportunistic predator, such a thing is also inadequate surprising. Rainbow trout as the waters of the high-level predators, they have greater expansionary stomach, can devour many small prey, but I do not know why this rainbow trout prey to so many shrews.

It is learned that usually shrews foods include: salmon eggs, insects and small fish, previously found voles and shrews devour other rodents, but rarely swallowed shrews.

In fact, the rainbow trout devouring shrew is not surprising that the region rainbow trout fishermen know that eating characteristics, they use special flies thrown in the water to simulate drowning or swimming shrew rat, rainbow trout over the opportunity to attract capture them. It is reported that rodents devour fish include fish, lake trout and pike.

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