America can make objects invisible scientists invented optical equipment

American University of Rochester in New York scientists have discovered a simple inexpensive lens, so that the large shaped object disappeared from sight method, like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to wear the same.

Handout photo of University of Rochester Ph.D. student Joseph Choi demonstrating a cloaking device using four lenses in Rochester

According to foreign media reports on September 29, University of Rochester, New York (University of Rochester) Scientists have discovered a simple inexpensive lens, so that the large shaped object disappeared from sight methods, like wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cape same.

A professor of physics at New York’s John Howell northern schools, said: “For many years, many people are trying to cut into the optical camouflage field from different directions.” Currently being tentatively called “Rochester cloak (Rochester Cloak)” of equipment, not a real “cloak”, but a group of optical devices, when an object is placed in front of the device, they look like is absent.

According to R & D personnel, said the past stealth methods are expensive and complex, and as long as it will open to the objection from the other point of view. Assist in the development of this device and its optical research fame graduate student Joseph Choi said: “This is what we are known only in three-dimensional space can be sustained, so that the object is obscured by cloaking device.”

At the University of Rochester experiment, they successfully make a hand, a face, and a ruler hidden, and the image and the object behind it is still clearly presented. They said such findings have great significance. Howell also said that the University of Rochester cloaking device like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, like objects in the object completely invisible behind without distortion, distortion or interference.

“We think this technology can be used in many levels, such as a large truck drivers can clearly see the rear to the car, also can be used in surgery, military security and interior design, and even the arts.” Choi said.

Production Rochester cloak Howell and Choi took only less than a thousand dollars, although they have been patented, but they also provide a brief description, so that people can create their own similar devices in the home.

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