NASA satellite images show “Aral” on the brink of death

Once the world’s fourth largest lake, “Aral” Just because the management and use of the wrong people on the brink of death. NASA September 24 released a set of satellite images shows the Aral Sea for decades amazing changes.

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Once the world’s fourth largest lake, “Aral” Just because the management and use of the wrong people on the brink of death. NASA (NASA) 9 月 24 release of a set of satellite images shows the Aral Sea for decades amazing changes.

Aral Sea in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan at the junction of Central Kyzyl Kum. According to UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) website, 50 years ago, the Aral Sea with a total area of ​​66,000 square kilometers, which is almost equivalent to a Sri Lanka’s land area. Abundant water resources to the local tremendous opportunities for development of agriculture and fisheries, according to statistics, the local fishery annual catch had reached 40,000 tons, and its tributaries Delta has dozens of small lakes, eco-rich swamps and wetlands throughout 55 million hectares.

However, from the beginning of the 1960s, the former Soviet Union due to the development of agriculture, especially cotton and shunt it to begin the gradual depletion of the Aral Sea, FAO called it “an example of non-sustainable development tutorial”: the development of irrigation has been impressive From 1960 to about 4.5 million hectares in 1980 to expand the area of ​​nearly 7 million hectares, the rapid increase in the local population, in the same period from 14 million to about 27 million, almost doubling the total amount of water. Meanwhile, as water resources experts say, the destruction of the Aral Sea basin water balance sheet, many small tributaries are over-exploitation, no liner ditches and drainage network caused by low irrigation efficiency, which in turn led to a lot of water logging and salted, and ultimately affects about 40 percent of the irrigated land. Excessive use of pesticides and fertilizer pollution of surface water and groundwater, Delta ecosystem actual destruction: to 1990 more than 95 percent of the marshes and wetlands into a desert, more than 50 percent of Delta lake dried up.

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NASA released August 25, 2000 satellite images

With the shrinking of the Aral Sea area, the ecological area of ​​the Aral Sea basin has also been devastating. FAO global water information system in the past to submit a report to the government of the former Soviet Union, said that with the reduction in the size of the Aral Sea, the climate has changed around, continental characteristics stronger, summer shorter, more hot, no rain, winter longer , more cold, no snow. Growing season has been shortened to an average of 170 days a year, every year for more than 90 days of dust storms.

Economic and social development of the community is facing more problems. Lake leads to a significant reduction in fish stocks decline in fish catches minimal, some commercial fishing has been terminated in 1982, the entire fishing communities unemployed. In 卡拉克尔帕 Kazakhstan, water salinity, pollution, high metal content, which causes such as anemia and other problems. Past here chronic bronchitis, kidney disease and liver disease, particularly cancer incidence increased 3000%, 6000% increase in arthritis, which is one of the highest infant mortality rate in the world place. FAO’s report commented, “This is no surprise.”

After 2000, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, respectively, announced a series of measures to save the fate of the Aral Sea, but so far efforts to reverse the fate of the Aral Sea is not fundamentally. NASA satellites can be seen in the picture, in the August 19, 2014, the Aral Sea has shrunk to sporadic west and north parts of the original. Salty sea-based Jinhui Guan network news shows, the area of ​​the Aral Sea has shrunk by 74 percent now, while nearly 85 percent of its water reduction, people predicted that if we do not take positive and effective measures, to 2020, the Aral Sea will completely from Earth disappear.

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August 20, 2002 satellite images

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August 16, 2004 satellite images

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August 15, 2006 satellite images

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August 18, 2008 satellite images

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August 26, 2010 satellite images

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August 18, 2012 satellite images

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August 19, 2014 satellite images

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