Scientists say the find aliens or reveal why animals by sex and reproduction

On Earth, is the indispensable condition to go many life forms continue to exist. But elsewhere in the universe may not be sexual creatures. We listen to Richard – Dawkins is how to explain.



Although Dawkins (photos show) believe that aliens and humans have some of the same qualities, but very different in other areas, including sex. The scientist on the network version of “Daily Mail” said that sex is one of the largest so far unanswered questions about evolution, and found that most of the aliens may help unravel the mystery of breeding animals by nature.


Dawkins claims that a growing number of signs that humans are not the orphan of the universe, he hopes biologists began to consider the same question:? Once humans are not alone, that other forms of life would look like he thinks the universe, there are many lives, they may be very rare, not concentrated, may never touch.


Dawkins published these remarks on the Starr mousse Festival held in Tenerife. It features an astronaut from science, culture, art and music and other areas, Nobel laureate and eminent figures released their wonderful speech. This year’s guests include Stephen – Hawking (photos show), Brian – May and the first person to walk in space Alexei – Leonov and so on.

On Earth, is the indispensable condition to go many life forms continue to exist. But elsewhere in the universe may not be sexual creatures. Richard – When Dawkins accept the network version of “Daily Mail” exclusive interview, explaining why humans need is one of the biggest so far no answer evolutionary questions. He said: “Why do we need gender breeding this is still an open question discovery of extraterrestrial life may be the key to unlock the humans of both sexes instead of many mysteries of sex?..”

Dawkins held in Tenerife Starr mousse Festival (Starmus festival) “Daily Mail” published these remarks. Starr mousse Festival is held every year in the event, with well-known experts in space science and astronomy talk about a major topic areas such features.

Dawkins said: “I think the alien world you may not have sex As for why people rely on sexual reproduction of the Earth, and now it is not clear this is a big problem unresolved alien world without sex and if so, why? …. Only the sexes, why not three or four sex? why sexual evolved a very obvious question unanswered. resistance between different forms of life are less likely to frequent, but found extraterrestrial life may help us understand its Evolutionary principles we see sex everywhere on Earth is very obvious fact, but we also see some form of life without sex, which is not absolutely necessary explanatory. distribution of the classification tree if you look at life, it is see asexual reproduction seems to suddenly appear, but there is one exception, that is not the main animal branch – all members of the clade produce asexual reproduction fact is that it is decentralized, suddenly appeared, but not the major clades the This means that it may be very active in the sudden appearance of a short term evolution, but later disappeared. This may be a very obvious fact. “

The scientist on the 22nd mention aliens classified section in Starr mousse a speech and aliens look like other issues we might think. Dawkins depth discussion of certain animal evolution is a random way or follow a similar way to any alien life forms evolved on Earth. In particular, he discusses in a world of plenty bright eyes and other organs is likely to evolve in a similar manner the issue, or even that religious and other products produced with the social development of mankind and also by an intelligent alien race sharing.

Are the aliens have their own religion Dawkins said:?.. “I think this is not a totally surprising question after all, religion appeared in anthropologists have studied every civilization, I think, any alien life forms are likely to experience the initial stages of groping in the dark at the same time, they may come into contact with aliens is also developing our technology. accidentally discovered before Newton’s laws and Einstein’s theory of gravity, they may experience a fumble in the dark phase. This is a bit like our understanding of religion, and I recommend biologists began to consider a question, if it is found not alone humans, then other forms of life would be like, but this is becoming more and The more impossible. “

The scientist said: “Today’s estimates show that the number of stars is 10, 22 th and most stars have planets so that the planet seems to count more than 10 of the 22 th is feasible to predict that we are the whole universe.. The only form of life seems to be too reckless on the other hand, if only a planet has life, it is the planet Earth, because we humans live here in other words, humans are alone. If you believe this view, that the origin of life on Earth is a very incredible amazing event. Thus, we arrive at a very contradictory results, and people trying to figure out the mystery of the origin of life on Earth is entirely a waste of time, because the theory we are looking for and unreasonable, and is unbelievable. “

Dawkins explained that if there is a reasonable explanation for the origin of life, that the universe will exist many lives. He said: “We just point out that we believe that the special theory of the existence of an incompatibility that many people believe it, while trying to explore the mysteries of the origin of life on Earth, but if you believe it is true that all efforts will be in vain. I think the universe has many lives, but this is just a hunch. aliens may still be very rare. they probably rare that only one billion. “

Dawkins pointed out that if only 1 billion life forms, they probably are far apart, never knew each other’s existence, but also never touched each other. He believes that if they come in contact, that is linked by radio rather than physical contact. The scientist said: “That is because the propagation of radio waves in all directions because of this, we may be in a radio radiation some alien civilization..”

As he expected to find the origin of extraterrestrial life, or life on Earth, the scientist said: “I would like to find a reasonable theory about the origin of Earth life if we find a reasonable theory, it is likely to mean that the universe has many lives. . “

He supported the view that life on Earth may have come from aliens. He said:?. “One creationists see me to ask, do you think life on Earth was carefully designed it difficult to answer this question if you must let me say real idea that there is only one possibility is that the human Not God’s creation, but from aliens seeding “Dawkins said:.” If so, they are likely to have similar and evolution of life on Earth evolved in line with the principles of Darwinian evolution of life I think it is, I do not think?. There is another theory can explain the origin of life, I bet Darwin’s theory is credible. “

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