10 years after the human race will go to the moon on vacation: the cost will be cheaper

Foreign media quoted the British days patrol network recently released “travel industry’s future,” the report said, 2024 will generate many new way to travel, humans will travel to outer space vacation.

moon on vacation

Picture: Deng purple chess became the first Chinese ambassador Universal Asia, confirmed in 2015 will take the spaceship Space Odyssey. (Photo from Internet)

NEW YORK, Oct. 4 reported that foreign media quoted the British-day patrol network recently released “travel industry’s future,” the report said, 2024 will generate many new way to travel, humans will travel to outer space vacation.

According to the American Daquan News Network September 29 report, headquartered in the UK travel search and booking engine-day patrol network said in a report, have a good time on the moon would become a reality. Moon trip costs will be more affordable – relatively speaking.

Report said: “orbital space trip will be the next popular, commercial companies are racing to turn it into an affordable solution more people.”

Currently, the U.S. space exploration technology company, Golden Nail Company and several other companies now developing space tourism program, I hope one day to send humans to and from the moon.

Other predictions in the report include underwater hotel, a smart hotel room high-speed aircraft can in two hours from London to Sydney and hauntingly – such as a pillow to massage your neck so that you sleep more soundly, bathing Used light instead of water to clean your body.

Report wrote: “By 2024, the space will become a place for travelers frequently see each other, underwater resort hotel will be the mainstream might be circling a few hundred miles above the earth or its underwater heaven or whatever you want. into the water, the scenery will be amazing. “

Spain “abc” September 30 report said, to 2024, on Earth travel obsolete, more tourists love an exciting journey into space. And space travel will be subdivided into orbit planets travel and travel. In orbit travel, visitors experience will not just fall off lower and lower on other planets, but also stay longer in space.

Travel will be the 2024 submarine another hot tourism projects. Dubai will create a file called “water dish hotel” underwater luxury hotel. This built nine meters below the surface at the hotel will open its doors in 2015.

One of the main purpose is to reduce the travel time of high-tech, which is the ordinary people dream of space travel pass. If you can shorten tiring easily over 10 hours of time, then surely there are more people willing to start a new journey.

High-tech also fueled the development of the hotel industry. In the high-tech help, hotel service can meet the needs of every guest as possible. From room to shower water pressure, guests can adjust according to their needs. Traditional TV will be embedded in the wall instead of the big screen interactive touch, guests can watch movies on the big screen, but also on the big screen with friends and family in real-time video calls.

In the suite, electric massage pillow will make guests sleep more comfortably, and alarm functions. Shower water is rich in vitamin C, to help guests ease travel fatigue. If you need toothpaste or shower gel, guests can use the room at any time 3D printer to print daily necessities.

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