The study found yoga meditation helps mind control

Recently, a new study biomedical engineer University of Minnesota in the United States showed that long-term practice of yoga and meditation people can learn faster and better than those of the brain that controls a computer without any yoga or meditation experience.

The study found yoga meditation helps mind control

Beijing time on September 28 news, Science Daily reported that a new study recently biomedical engineer University of Minnesota in the United States showed that able to learn faster and better long-term practice of yoga and meditation than those who do not have any experience in yoga or meditation person with brain control computer. For this study, or may develop paralysis or neurodegenerative disease therapies have great enlightenment. The study was published in the journal “Science”, which is published in scientific journals of new emerging fields of science and engineering in cutting-edge technology.

The study involved 36 subjects, 12 of whom a group consisting of at least one year experience in yoga or meditation, they exercise at least twice a week, every one hour. The second group contains almost no yoga or meditation experience 24 healthy participants. This two subjects have never tried to use the brain that controls the computer system. Two subjects participated in four weeks three times a two-hour experiment in their head wear high-tech, non-invasive helmet, which reads brain activity. Subjects were asked to move the cursor on the screen by imagining left or right hand movement.

After a 30 trials, there have been a yoga or meditation experience, subjects completed the brain – computer interfaces task is no possibility of the subjects experienced two times, and they learn about the rate move the cursor after the experiment than were three times faster. “In recent years, many scientists have focused on the brain – computer interfaces in computers in this regard, but focus on the brain in this regard is very limited.” Lead researcher, Professor Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota and medical engineering research the main Renhe Bin (Bin He) says. “This comprehensive study is the first to show concern in this area of ​​the brain may offer to reduce the impact of the brain – computer interfaces obstacles to the success of the early stages of a valuable tool.”

Growing concern to researchers looking for help physically handicapped individuals, comprising individual paralysis, loss of limbs or is suffering from serious diseases, such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or human cerebral palsy. In these cases, the intact brain function, but they must find ways to bypass the muscle control to move the wheelchair, the control or the control of other prosthetic devices.

When in 2013 when Professor Ho’s research team demonstrated how to use their brain to control the flight of the robot, his research has received international attention. However, they found that not everyone can easily learn how to use the brain to control the computer. Many people still can not control after several attempts computer. Consistent and reliable EEG (EEG) brain signals may depend on the brain as well as continuing to focus attention. Than those who have not been practicing meditation of subjects exhibited more unique EEG pattern, which is or may explain their better performance.

Professor He said that the inspiration for the study comes from five years ago when he began brain – computer interface research, he noticed a female participants than the other subjects were able to make better use of the brain control the computer. This woman has a very rich experience in yoga and meditation, which the researchers called the mind – body awareness training (MBATI).

He and his research team next plan to study over time, for the first time to participate in yoga or meditation performance of a group of subjects to investigate their brains – whether the performance of the computer interface improvements. “Our ultimate goal is to help those who are paralyzed or have brain disorders regain mobility and independence, we must investigate all possibilities to increase our research can benefit from the number of people.”

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