Musk want to build a million people metropolis on Mars

October 4, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation SpaceX founder Alan Musk (Elon Musk) hope 2020 will be around humans to Mars, but this is only his initial plan.

Musk want to build a million people metropolis on Mars

October 4, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation SpaceX founder Alan Musk (Elon Musk) hope 2020 will be around humans to Mars, but this is only his initial plan. A recent interview, Musk Imagine the future of mankind to Mars colonial life. He hoped that the 100 million people emigrate to Mars, where he built Mars metropolis.

Musk had previously said that mankind could achieve the goal to Mars around 2020. NASA in 2030 compared with similar goals, timetables given Musk seems to be more optimistic. Musk told “eternal magazine” (Aeon Magazine) said in an interview, NASA on Mars envisioned somewhat pessimistic.

Musk said: “SpaceX has been established only 12 years from now to 2040, SpaceX’s life will be extended three times if we have made progress in linear technology, then we should be able to establish a base on Mars, perhaps you can become. one thousand people on Mars. “

Musk said the first immigrants must pay for their own travel expenses, you may need $ 500,000 per person. Musk will the Immigration and 100 years ago, large-scale migration compared to the American colonies, there were many people devoting their savings to emigrate to the United States. Of course, in the early decades of the east coast of the United States called a catastrophe colonial, because in the land not familiar with immigration could not feed themselves. But Jamestown, Plymouth where there is at least a lot of fresh water and oxygen. But on other planets colonization, how to be successful and to keep the base for sustainable development?

In this regard, Musk answer a little surprising. He believes that Mars colonization may need 100 million. Musk said that within 100 years, humans can build bigger than Austin, Texas city on Mars. He estimated that, in order to bring these people and supplies to support them on Mars, it may take a giant spacecraft between Earth and Mars from 100,000 times. There are rumors that Musk is involved in the construction of such a colony transport ship. By Grasshopper and other reusable rocket technology, space travel costs will be substantially reduced.

After reaching Mars, faced with the threat of deadly weather conditions above, it may be necessary immigrants living in windowless underground cave. Homesickness, confusion, cannibalism events may occur, and even entire systems are likely to crash. In this regard, Musk said he would personally go to Mars, and said:. “I believe his death will not lead to the company’s primary task is terminated.”

Do not be surprised, Musk’s vision has crossed Mars, look to other parts of the solar system. He Imagination establish a colony on the planet, such as Saturn or Jupiter’s satellites. These actions will create a new economic system in space, so that the human creature to become multi-planet. The first step Musk accomplish this feat is to create “Earth – Mars’ economy.

This idea is not too crazy, especially in the New World during the colonial period, many people were spices, gold and silver and other belongings driven boom triggered a global search. Columbus era, most of these precious items is just a luxury, mankind has not yet begun to fully take advantage of them, such as later became dental fillings, circuit.

But I believe that the new social and economic interstellar far Bimasike imagine a more magical. SpaceX seems to regard commercial space travel succeed, but its biggest customers are not seeking to explore new opportunities in space big company, but tens of millions of ordinary people. If there are more billionaires involved, Mars City and “Earth – Mars’ economies will likely build up faster.

Human footprint has not set foot on Mars, Musk Mars will become a safe haven for gambling, in order to avoid human extinction at the end of the earth. Although the science that the earth may be inevitable doom happened, but even the future, this doomsday event is also unpredictable. For example, in one billion years, the sun will scorch the expansion of our food chain, to dry our oceans, leading to the extinction of life on Earth. This is the optimistic version of the end of the earth, mankind is also possible due to cosmic collisions, supernova explosions and other emergencies perish.

Musk guess, there may be some undiscovered life forms in the universe. He said: “Maybe we humans are in the laboratory other more advanced alien civilization, they are curious to see how we develop, like a petri dish of mold.” Musk also believes that once had many individual planets civilization.

But no matter from which perspective, extraterrestrial immigrants have increased the chances of human survival. Musk decided to support interstellar travel would show his attitude. Musk acknowledged that space travel is still in its infancy, but with our current rate of technological development, mankind will eventually embark on the “road to God.”

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