Astronomers have found a new method to measure the black hole mass

Astronomers found the precise method of measuring black hole mass, and use this method to find a five hundred million solar masses of giant black hole.

Astronomers have found a new method to measure the black hole mass

In recent years, astronomical observations indicate that the center of almost every galaxy has a black hole. But now we do not understand how they affect the evolution of galaxies. To date, only the determination of the quality of the few large mass black hole, it is because they can not be directly observed. Recently astronomers around the black hole by observing the movement of cold gas infer some black hole mass, which is a new measurement method.

This new method, astronomers measured a black hole mass galaxy NGC4526 center, subsequent calculations show that the black hole mass is equivalent to five hundred million Fengyun sun, supermassive black holes at the top rankings.

Previously, astronomers can only rely on the movement of stars around the black hole to estimate their quality, and they were compared by distant stars and stellar black holes near the speed to infer the mass of the black hole. However, this is an inaccurate measurement. If you use the same method to track the motion of charged gas measurement accuracy relative would be better, but the old method is limited to measuring the quality of black holes in nearby galaxies.

This new approach is the use of astronomers in the low temperature state, and a random movement is not significantly higher density of the gas. Radiation they emit microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum position, so that you can make use of an array of radio telescopes observing its higher resolution.

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