Phone into the trouser pocket may reduce sperm activity

A controversial study reported that men carry the phone in his trouser will reduce sperm activity.


Scientists suggest that the phone into his trouser reduce sperm mobility, the potential impact of normal fertility.

According to foreign media reports, a controversial study reported that men carry the phone in his trouser will reduce sperm activity. In the study, men exposed to mobile phone radiation environment, normal sperm activity will weaken, and those rarely exposed to mobile phone radiation environment of the crowd was unaffected.

University of Exeter researcher Fiona – Matthew (Fiona Matthews) said: “The global mobile phone has a huge user base, potentially harmful to human health caused by mobile phone radiation research needs to demonstrate a strong indication that his trouser portable radio phone produced. Electromagnetic radiation will adversely affect sperm quality. “

However, experts doubt that the results produced, indicating that more research is needed to determine the dangers of cell phone radiation on sperm production. Phone released in the form of radio waves of electromagnetic radiation, scientists now confirmed large doses of ultraviolet and X-ray source for the human body has certain hazards, but scientists release radio waves for mobile phones of different types of radiation health threat remains uncertain.

Some studies suggest that cell phone radiation and some health problems, such as: headache, high blood pressure, increased incidence of cancer, reducing male fertility. Currently, scientists involved 1500 men 10 studies the relationship between system analysis, testing phone use among male fertility, sperm quality be measured in three ways: motility, sperm concentration and fertility. The researchers then tested the men were divided into two groups: daily exposure to cell phone radiation less than one hour; exposure to cell phone radiation than one hour a day.

Usually maintain 50-85% of male sperm activity, but males exposed to cell phone electromagnetic radiation, sperm activity will be reduced by 8% to 42-77% of active sperm; sperm fertility declined 9%; sperm concentration is not affected.

The researchers believe that the heat generated by the electromagnetic radiation is an important factor leading to the decline of male sperm activity in men trouser pocket, the heat released by the mobile phone will testicular temperature, the study also shows that scrotal and testicular temperature will sperm quality have a negative impact.

Will be exposed to electromagnetic radiation, called reactive oxygen species generation (ROS) of the chemical substance, the cells will lead to increased reactive oxygen species damage to DNA. Currently, the new study published in the near Adams published “International Environmental Magazine.”

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