Mysterious creatures invade England sewer

mysterious creatures began to invade England rivers and other waterways, British ecologists think that some regions of the UK Inland ruled almost alien species, they are few natural enemies in the UK.


British inland waterways found “killer shrimp”, invasive species may come from the ship’s ballast water

According to foreign media reports, the British media recently reported a mysterious creature began to invade Britain’s rivers and other waterways, people called “killer shrimp”, currently this species has identified its position in the UK, including the Norfolk Broads, etc. Some places you can see this invasive species, it seems that the “killer shrimp” have English as their native home. For the British ecologist, this is not good news, invasive species may occur in the UK there is no large-scale breeding predators, and threaten the survival of native species.

Dr. David Aldridge researchers from the University of Cambridge in England for the invasion of alien species survey found that almost dominated by exotic species in some areas of the UK inland, nearly 90 percent are non-native species, which come from the Black Sea, Asia invasive species in the waters of the Caspian Sea and the speed reached 23 kinds, at least 14 kinds of invasive species, and some appear in the waters of the Rhine near the harbor mouth, there are some species arrived in the United Kingdom across the English Channel, and set up their own base, other species it may arrive in the UK through such channels, the researchers believe Britain is facing ecological invasion brink of collapse.

The study, Dr. David Aldridge has been published in the British journal Ecology, researchers believe we are at a turning point, in the past 20 years we have been concerned about the species survival, some from Asian inland species arrived in the United Kingdom through other means, such as the Rhine, and here began the large population, in terms of the local ecological environment is a serious threat.

For inland waterways in the United Kingdom found that “killer shrimp”, researchers believe that we should combat striped mussel reference method, which is an invasive alien species in the UK, will be attached to the hull, gates and other places, and the cause of these objects enormous damage. Interspecific competition is one of the ways to control the proliferation of exotic species, and if we can understand the relationships between species, they can use them for mutual restraint.

Researchers believe there are ways to invasive alien species in a variety of channels, such as ballast water of ships, able to bring a local species to another place, the British shipping more developed, the risk in this area is larger, the current British and Severn Thames and other large rivers are threatened by alien species.

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