The biggest challenge of HIV or Ebola virus after

Senior officials of the American Medical Thomas Frieden said the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa since the emergence of the biggest challenges of cancer virus.


Liberia has become one of the most serious Ebola virus infection

According to foreign media reports, the outbreak of the Ebola virus has resulted in more than 3,860 deaths, mostly from West Africa, which has more than 200 health workers died due to viral infection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is responsible for claims, a global rapid response in order to ensure it does not become another “HIV.”

President of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea urge the international community to give them more help to fight the disease. President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma said: “Our people are dying, the world’s response to the Ebola virus quickly enough, resulting in many children become orphans.”

A conference held in Washington, Dr. Frieden described the Ebola virus is one of the biggest crisis of his career encountered. He said: “We can say in 30 years time, I was working in public health, the only similar experience is HIV virus.”

According to health officials, a doctor in Liberia on Wednesday due to Ebola virus infection in Monrovia, a treatment BOC’s death. His death makes the number of doctors in Liberia deaths due to Ebola virus has reached four.

The EU has also been claimed that launched the emergency system, if the signs of Ebola virus infection in health care workers appear internationally, they will be evacuated from the affected countries. The European Commission said in a statement that the evacuation plan will allow the patient within 48 hours aboard the aircraft to Europe has the capacity to deal with this disease hospital.

The plan is expected to make more medical workers in Europe to West Africa to deal with the crisis. Nigerian government said 200 health care workers have volunteered for global emergency team to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. There are seven cases have been confirmed dead in Nigeria Yinaibola virus seems to have succeeded in containing the spread of the disease.

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