Cosmic strings or can be manufactured using the “time machine”

Scientists speculate on the possible existence of cosmic strings in the universe, its span is very long, it may reach the diameter of the universe we see, we can make use of cosmic strings superluminal travel.


If we find the mysteries of cosmic strings, you can use its ultra-light travel, you can return to the past

According to foreign media reports, the universe has a vast frightening time and space, a huge span becomes very difficult to make interstellar travel, scientists trying to study if the use of the basic properties of the universe to form superluminal travel. In many science fiction spacecraft have described the use of long-distance moving cosmic string scenario, in fact span of cosmic strings is very long, it may reach the diameter of the universe we see, but also very thin cosmic strings can be smaller than a proton The size, in the early formation of the Big Bang. Scientists believe that cosmic strings may be defective topology space and time, such as water freezes in the cracks between the two states formed, so we can make use of cosmic strings superluminal travel.

Cosmic strings like a crack in the space-time structure, we use these cracks if successful, can be found in unexpected phenomenon, but scientists also found that cosmic strings may be connected to a group of galaxies in the universe, many galaxies in the local universe chord by gathering, This is something we can also perceive through the distribution of dark matter. Based on current observations, if cosmic strings are real words, part of the universe, celestial cluster effect from cosmic strings.

The most popular view is that cosmic strings can be used as a time machine, if we speed through two mutually Unicom cosmic strings, then you can connect the two space-time, so that we can choose to return to the past or into the future, time travel becomes became possible. In physics, we can say that when cosmic strings contribute to produce a closed class of curves, but also allows us to make long distance of time and space travel.

The current observation techniques can not confirm the existence of cosmic strings in the universe, but the distribution of galaxies implies some unknown mechanism exists to allow these galaxies in the universe is connected to a network, if cosmic strings are very common and can be observed by us, then we can use gravitational lensing to find them, but so far scientists have not found related to this phenomenon.

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