cientists predict that two months after the death of the first colonists of Mars

MIT researchers predicted to Mars colonists because of the depletion of oxygen and suffocate, time is not more than 68 days, which means that after landing on Mars Mars adventurer must wait for death.


Mars One plans to attempt to build settlements in the Martian surface, but scientists believe that these adventurers can not maintain two months

According to foreign media reports, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology predicted to Mars colonists might not live through 68 days, about two months after the colonists would suffocate because of oxygen depletion. Researchers information derived from it can be seen that human trip to Mars ominous, especially when we do not have enough interplanetary flight technology, if you want to send volunteers to Mars, it is undoubtedly suicide. MIT researchers for Mars One plans a detailed analysis, many volunteers are trying to Mars One is selected as the first humans to Mars, the researchers concluded that they would wait for death to Mars.

Mars One is planning a trip to one of the human expedition to Mars, engineers trying to establish communication station on Mars, habitat, these living spaces mainly in the form module landed on Mars, for example, we can separate ways employing the goods send astronauts to Mars , but also for the life of the cabin to the surface of Mars landing, these human adventurers will not return to Earth, and the rest will spend the rest of his life on Mars, so they need to consider if you grow crops, produce oxygen. Adventurers will be landing on Mars in the form of groups of four, went to a group every two years, all the adventurers will grow their own food, and keep living the cabin oxygen to breathe.

MIT researchers are most concerned about is how to maintain cabin adventurers equilibrium oxygen and food, the analysis found that in about two months time, the first batch of wheat begins to grow and mature, oxygen levels will nosedive, Meanwhile adventurers can not maintain a high concentration of oxygen in the cabin, as this may lead to fatal fire, so will be deprived of oxygen in the cabin some, but there is no reliable way to keep the cabin oxygen and nitrogen in the best condition, and ultimately these habitats because of lack of oxygen content and suffocation.

This study provides a reference, not only to humans breathe oxygen, crops also need to breathe, in fact, we need to provide enough food for the colonists, if you allow them to grow crops oxygen supply problems may occur for Mars colonization, so that the cost of maintaining the Mars colonists will greatly increase, at least in the past 20 years can not have a mature technology to support the Mars adventurer settlement.

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