Scientists have discovered that a million times the brightness of the sun’s ultra-strange objects

Scientists have discovered a galaxy in near a very bright X-ray objects, its 1000 times brighter than the sun, it’s true origins allow scientists puzzled.


For this extremely bright stars we still know nothing about the origins

According to foreign media reports, scientists have discovered the remains of a dying star in a nearby galaxy, it’s 10 million times brighter than the sun. This discovery has brought many problems, and overthrew our universe some extreme phenomena in physics to understand.

Fengyun newly discovered planet wreckage belongs to the universe, a rare very bright light source, which is the so-called X-ray is extremely bright objects. Although it is not the kind of objects we observe the brightest, but the brightness of the Fengyun special star is 10 times we find any other stellar debris.

Huge black hole’s gravity will attract gas from the star, slowly swallowed. When the star of the gas into the black hole, it will form a very bright disk-like, that is, astronomers on Earth observed this feature. This disc was very hot, can reach tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit, and therefore most of it is in the form of light energy in the presence of X-rays. This is because the gas velocity is very high, which makes it become very hot and very bright.

From the 1970s, scientists have been probing the universe These bright features, they call it a very bright X-ray stars (ULX). Although the origin of these sources we still know nothing about, but scientists suspect that they may come from such binary systems of stars and black holes to.

Like a black hole, when a mass is much greater than the sun’s stellar collapse when the end of life will form a neutron star. However, the neutron star does not have the black hole’s gravity, it can not capture light. They emit light pulses, which is the research team believe this system is the cause rather than the other pulsar celestial bodies.

How to quickly absorb the neutron star of gas is still a mystery. The research team believes that this may be derived from the change brought about by the strong magnetic field. Whatever the answer is, this strange and enormous change scientists have found enough headaches for some time. A physics researcher at the University of Alberta in Canada, said limiting the brightness of this theory of the origin of stars, it should be 100 times weaker than the Fengyun star brightness discovery.

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