” Curiosity ” Mars complex organic compounds found

“Curiosity” rover trifluoroacetamide steam leakage accident, but gained new found leaking steam reacts with the Martian rock samples, confirming the existence of Martian rocks complex organic substances.


Curiosity rover in Yellowknife Bay collect rock samples


According to foreign media reports, at present, NASA’s Curiosity rover experiment accidental release of chemical substances has brought a surprise! discovery rover to collect samples contain complex organic molecules.

Curiosity rover on Mars just recently found in soil samples containing 2% water, whether it will survive on Mars for the answer to life, and the future of mankind can provide important clues to Mars immigrants. The rover with carrier lab includes seven “wet chemistry” experiment, designed to protect and identify the carbon-containing compounds that may be present from the rock samples.

Metal foil hat before the task was not damaged, but the “trifluoroacetamide (MTBSTFA)” liquid vapor was accidentally leaked to the suction analytical instruments.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Curiosity project scientist Danny Glavin (Danny Glavin), said: “At first trifluoroacetamide leak is a headache, because it contains a lot of carbon and other chemical easily decomposed ingredients, this leak puts a bad thing into a good thing, leaking steam trifluoroacetamide accident for us to do a derivative experiment. ”

Curiosity rover Mars mission is to discover whether the investigation is within the most Earth-like planet in the solar system, or its chemical composition and the environment can support the survival of microorganisms. The primary goal of scientists quickly complete the task – in Yellowknife Bay ancient shale drilling discovered sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon.Currently, trifluoroacetamide leak will find complex organic molecules of the foundation.

Box contains a sample analysis of rock samples collected two years ago Yellowknife Bay, Glavin noted that these rock samples and trifluoroacetamide steam reacts with organic substances involved in the reaction sample confirmed. Scientists are currently considering how to extract these concentrated vapor collection and analysis in some way to effectively preserve this organic matter.

In order to analyze a sample of the reaction of these two years with trifluoro acetamide steam occurs, scientists twice heated sample, the sample of Comparative residual substances, in the heating process effectively eliminates any volatile components. Initial results show that the new Martian surface samples collected in the presence of native complex organic substances, but requires a lot of work in order to identify its ingredients.

Glavin said: “Perhaps it will take years to uncover this mystery, this is an exciting discovery, we collected samples from Mars ancient mudstone livable environments, sample collection sites in ancient times had given the existence of a lakes, we obtain organic molecules may have important implications for biological research objects, at least confirmed that the sample is more complex than previously thought, its organic components greater diversity. ”

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