New blood test method can quickly distinguish between bacteria and viruses .

A new blood test could help doctors figure out within two hours of the patient’s infection is caused by bacteria or viruses, the study published in the journal Plos One.


According to foreign media reports, a new blood test that can help doctors figure out within two hours of the patient’s infection is caused by bacteria or viruses, the study published in the journal Plos One.

Scientists believe that the results of this study can be avoided when the patient at unnecessary use of antibiotics.

The research is still in the laboratory research stage, but this team of scientists has begun to study the device portable.

Other experts not involved in the study believe that the results of this study to solve a problem.Scientists have begun conducting more in-depth study.

Using the appropriate drugs

When doctors need to determine the cause of the patient what kind of pathogen infection, and decide which treatment to take, they often face many difficulties.

To determine the type of disease-causing pathogens, if the use of traditional detection methods, it takes a few days – these methods are usually patient samples from there, and then in the laboratory culture of these disease-causing pathogens.

Particles in the blood for testing can sometimes provide clues, but some particles may be derived from either bacterial infection, it may be due to a viral infection, cancer or physical traumas.

This sometimes leads to the emergence of antibiotic (antibiotics only effective against bacteria) abuse.

The opposite is, since the test takes a long time, and some patients required use of antibiotics has not been able to use antibiotics.

Scientists from multiple medical centers in Israel to cooperate with MeMed company, developed a new test method.

Scientists use this method for more than 300 possible blood samples infected patients were analyzed, they found that this method can correctly detected in most samples lead to infection is bacterial or viral.

MeMed’s Eran Eden said: “This detection method is very accurate for the majority of patients, less than two hours, you will be able to determine the cause of the infection is bacterial or viral.

“This method is not perfect, it can not replace a doctor to make a judgment, but it is better than many traditional detection methods currently in clinical use.”

Protein “tags”

The principle of this method is that when the body of pathogens, bacteria and viruses will trigger different protein pathways.

TRAIL is a novel protein, a viral infection when its level is very high, but in almost no Shique bacterial infection. This new method is the use of this protein and two other proteins (one of which has been used in current clinical detection methods) as an index detection.

Professor Jonathan Ball is a virologist at the University of Nottingham, he said: “This research solves a real problem as soon as possible to detect possible infection, and then figure out the cause is viral or bacterial infection, which is very important.

“This enables a more evidence-based clinical interventions, but also the improper use of antibiotics (such as those caused by virus infection) to a minimum.

“It is necessary to further the accuracy of long-term observation of how this kind of method.”

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