Low vitamin D levels are too harmful to health

According to research scientists in Denmark, high or low vitamin D levels are detrimental to health. Or should we reconsider the intake of nutrients.

Low vitamin D levels are too harmful to health

All along, nutritionists are concerned about the impact of vitamin D deficiency on the human body


According to Science Daily reported that the body in the blood levels of vitamin D should not be too high nor too low. According to scientists at the University of Copenhagen study, they demonstrated for the first time there is a correlation between high levels of vitamin D levels of death and cardiovascular disease. From a public health point of view, a lack of vitamin D has been a focus of attention. Several studies have shown that low blood vitamin D levels associated with higher risk of dying from a stroke or coronary heart disease related. The study was published in the “endocrine and metabolic.”

“We studied the 247,574 Danes in the blood levels of vitamin D, which is the maximum amount of data up to now such research in the sample of subjects after the first blood samples, we analyzed these in a 70-year period in Denmark human mortality, in the meantime there are 16,645 deaths. In addition, we also investigated the death and their blood contains correlations between vitamin D levels. “Professor Peter Schwartz (Peter Clinical School Schwarz) explained.

Conclusion is clear: study confirmed the existence of a correlation between mortality and low levels of vitamin D, but the new finding is the higher vitamin D levels are also risk factors.

“If you’re blood vitamin D levels below 50 nanomoles per liter or higher than 100 nM, then the higher the correlation between it and death. We investigated the patient’s death, when the blood vitamin D levels above 100 nanomolar higher risk when they died of stroke or coronary heart disease. In other words, the content of vitamin D in the blood should not be too high or too low, it should be between 50-100 nmol per liter, our Studies have shown that 70 nanomolar level should be the most appropriate. “Schwartz states that.

Studies have shown that the blood never high levels of vitamin D are also harmful to health, it may affect our future intake or nutrient supplements before that.

“This conclusion is important because vitamin D now focus on getting high. We should use this information to consider whether to continue vitamins and other nutrients. We should continue to consult with a doctor to decide whether vitamin supplements.” Schwartz said.

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