UAE plans to launch unmanned Mars probe in 2020

Currently, the UAE release plan that will launch in 2020 an unmanned Mars probe, the Mars atmosphere to carry out investigation, analyze the atmosphere of water, dust and other particles.


UAE plans to launch a Mars probe in 2020, named “Esperanza”, will survey the Martian atmosphere water, dust and particles.


According to foreign media reports, at present, the UAE president announced that 2020 will launch anunmanned Mars probe , monitoring the Martian atmosphere from orbit. The probe is named “Nozomi (Hope)”, will further expand the scope of the country’s space activities, to participate in the competition with China and India and other emerging space powers in the past.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa – this – Zayed – Al – Nahyan said Fengyun Mars probe will represent the Muslim countries have begun to enter the era of space exploration. Currently, scientific survey task is to draw Fengyun Mars probe Mars climate and atmospheric research.

So far, only two small Arabian Emirates launch Earth observation satellite, so “Nozomi” Mars is a major strategy for space. The probe will carry an infrared and ultraviolet spectrum analyzer signal analysis, while assembling a digital camera, which is a measure of space missions Martian atmosphere water, dust and other particles, Mars trying to understand how the transition from ancient times to today’s warm and humid throughout the dusty arid environment .

“Nozomi” Mars probe with the 2014 survey mission NASA and the Indian Space Research Organization launched probe is similar, the University of Colorado David – Brian (David Brain), said: “I hope Mars probe to measure very unique and there are differences with the MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and volatiles evolution) detector, its scientific survey mission MAVEN detector and complementary. ”

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