The photographer’s lens, multi-faceted world

The photographer’s lens, multi-faceted world.


New Ireland masks.          
Fabian Pano is an island in Papua New Guinea Lissengung mask craftsman, grew from parents learned the traditional mask production process, these colorful painted masks should have burned after the ceremony, but because in the craftsmanship of young people are continual loss So, now these traditional handmade mask after the ceremony, people will be carefully covered up.

In the car on the way to the most eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the photographer found this name from the horse racing festival crowd followed the return of the girl, and not far from a school for her to take the photo.

Man wearing flowers, Dha-Hanu, Ladakh, India, 2006
[Okpa tribe a man dressed in flowers, jewelry, Dahanu Valley, Ladakh, India] India Drokpa wearing flower jewelry tribal traditions and customs. Photographer first met them in the area of ​​the field, the local men and women singing folk songs performed with toil, local women after seeing photographer readily extracted from the hair gave her a flower.

Milk with animal blood is Yaao Mo Valley Hamer tribe major protein shake. When the photographer arrived to watch the tribe after the family of the woman making this beverage process.

Jade Mountain Resort in boundless coast for visitors, it is also to show people the beauty of the surrounding vast scenery. See, the large pitons near to stay with a swim in a rest in handsome guy.

Nepal’s average household has seven children, a photographer living and working in Nepal five years, often seen carrying her sister to go out like this little girl. However, the burden of such families tend to make these children lose the good of their own childhood.

Gesisha and Maiko, Kyoto, Japan, 2005
Girl in the photo is called “Momo” geisha apprentices, before becoming a real geisha before her to accept up to 5 years, 7 days a week non-stop, including dance, music, poetry and other aspects of talent training.

Men at the Altai eagle festival, 2006
Every year, many Kazakh hunters with their falcons in Altai mountains far west to participate in the nation’s annual Golden Eagle Festival. The festival will be held in archery, horse riding, camel races, tug of war and other events, but the most impressive thing is the game in which the famous falconry.

Cowboy at Charreada rodeo, Guadalajara, 2009
Pictured, Guadalajara, Mexico, an area of ​​young people to participate in bullfight. In his race, the audience constantly heard their applause, cheer cheers.

According to the survey, there will be every 22 minutes with the world maimed or killed by landmines cases occurred, and the child is also one of the victims of the incident. Red Cross rehabilitation centers throughout Afghanistan has six rehabilitation centers for 39,000 from the capital Kabul disabled patients with rehabilitation.The agency has about 500 staff members.

In Haiti January 12, 2010 earthquake, the photographer was sent near the Turks and Caicos shooting suffered earthquake damage local circumstances. In the 30-minute flight later I came to this land has changed dramatically, saw countless local residents have been homeless.

Photographer revisit Angkor Wat in Cambodia after an absence of 12 years, in addition to the influx of leisure travelers, but also found in the alley of the monastery monks seeking a peaceful world.

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