US doctors who have completed the first case of penile transplantation or injured veterans will benefit

[Abstract ] penis transplant doctors involved in the study hope that this surgical procedure easier and less risky, and ultimately use the technology to help wounded soldiers.

The man became the first American patient to accept the penis transplant surgery.

Tencent science News According to the British “Daily Express” reported that, due to the removal of the cancer, a man’s penis, the United States became the first ever penis transplant patients receiving.
Massachusetts General Hospital surgeons are exploring seem completely restored penile function the way, the ultimate aim of this project is to allow such treatment is more simple and common.

the man is a messenger Massachusetts bank, named Thomas Manning, he received an organ from a deceased donor.
The operation was conducted earlier this month, the entire procedure took 15 hours.
His “New York Times” said that he felt good and almost no pain.

this therapy is still at an experimental stage, but call themselves doctors very cautious optimism.
If all goes well, within a few weeks, Mr. Manning will be able to urinate normally, but after a few months can have sexual performance.
If the operation is successful, the technology will eventually be used to help severely injured veterans pelvis and other accident victims, cancer patients as well as those of Mr. Manning case.

research team on the “New York Times” said that they hope to ordinary people who improve the technology, and for injured veterans.
DOD will not make unproven technology for its soldiers who, because they have suffered so much pain.

researchers will further research is needed to eliminate the need for anti-rejection drugs to help the body better integration with the new organ, veterans are more likely to benefit.
Because injured veterans will be younger than those cancer patients, if they are forced to take powerful drugs in the rest of the words, just the kind of treatment to bring their body serious harm.

world’s first successful penis transplant in December 2014 in South Africa, and transplant patients are at the circumcision ceremony lost his penis.
His recovery after surgery faster than doctors expected, and last year he has successfully pregnant with a child.

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