Scientists actively developing mind reading device it impossible to lie next

[Abstract ] American scientists actively develop a “brain reading device”, the ability to test the contents directly into the brain by voice, easy to communicate with people, the current study has made great progress.
A reading device

brain can be directly transformed into brain consciousness speech, this research has been ongoing for many years time, scientists are by monitoring brain activity, recorded successfully tested by the brain think the word information.

Tencent science News According to the British Daily Mail reported that the future of a peculiar brain reading device can be directly transformed into human ideology voice messages.
This study has been going on for many years, recently scientists to monitor brain activity, can successfully playback testers brain to think of a word.

Although this study still need to improve a lot of aspects, but they said the research may help stroke and paralysis patients, so that patients are able to communicate with their loved ones.
Robert Beckley Angeles University of California – Knight (Robert Knight) professor, led a research team to study the information they hear the word, he said: “At present we are copied directly intelligible voice recordings from the brain, the people
brain to think of words transformed into voice. our goal is to help move disease patients, especially those patients with paralysis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients. “

currently there are many neurological diseases, limiting the patient’s language skills,
people can not fully grasp what they want to express content.
Knight hopes to develop an implantable device, direct decoding brain signals, to convert people think of words into a voice file, and then read out directly by voice equipment.

based devices, people can write an electronic device with a speaker or paralyzed patients to communicate, but there is still a lot of research is currently researchers need to work.
Using electrodes placed on the patient awake brain language areas of the surface, they can monitor the response to the electronic mode of brain cells.
After the scientists built a computer model that can match these speech signals the brain information.

Knight explained that when people hear the word, we direct recording electronic information from human brains locale.
After we decode these electronic information, they can be transformed into a voice file, very accurately expressed paralyzed patient’s brain consciousness.

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