Scientists have discovered a new method for the production of anti-cancer vaccine side effects is very small

[ Abstract] An international team of scientists has been obtained in the study of a common anti-cancer vaccine in a very big progress, the vaccine uses a different part of the RAN, it can activate dendritic cells to select immunity
system to attack the target.

scientists have found a way to activate the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells.

Tencent science hearing, according to British newspaper “Independent” reported that a team of international scientists have obtained very great progress in the study of a common anti-cancer vaccines.
The scientists collected genetic RNA encoding the cancer and put them into tiny fat particles, and it is injected into the blood vessels in patients with advanced cancer in three.

patient’s immune system to react after the injection of the vaccine produced a killer –T attack cancer cells.
For this vaccine against tumor growth in mice constantly has a positive effect.
The researchers wrote in the paper: “made such rapid and inexpensive vaccine, virtually any tumor antigens can be encoded by RNA nanoparticles are RNA immunotherapy can be regarded as a generic new cancer immunotherapy..”

the paper said three patients were injected with a low dose of the vaccine, but not the purpose of the experiment to test the efficacy of this vaccine.
Although the patient’s immune system seems to make a response, but no evidence that they have been cured of cancer.
Wherein a patient after vaccination, the researchers suspect that a tumor in the lymph nodes become smaller.
Another patient undergoing surgery to remove the tumor after injection of the vaccine, seven months no recurrence.
The third patient’s cancer has entered from the skin to the lungs, after the injection of the vaccine, these tumors from the clinical sense in a stable state.

This vaccine uses a different part of the RAN, it can choose to activate dendritic cells to target the immune system to attack the body’s immune system will then react strongly.
Cancer immunotherapy currently led scientists of great interest in the medical field.
While traditional cancer treatments for some diseases, it can be cured, but lung cancer, melanoma, and part of the brain and neck cancer is difficult to cure.
The researchers said that the patient can implement a positive and effective treatment is a very significant step forward.
Side effects of the vaccine compared with chemotherapy produced extremely limited.

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