The novel compounds can be transformed into the near-infrared light to visible light

[Abstract ] Currently, the latest German scientists developed a novel compound, near-infrared light irradiation can be transformed into visible light.

latest German scientists developed a novel compound, when the compound is irradiated with a laser, the light will be turned into near-infrared to visible light.

Tencent science News news website, according to scientific reports, at present, the German team of scientists the latest development of a compound capable of infrared light is transformed into visible light.
University of Marburg, Germany Nils – Wilhelm – Luo Seman (Nils Wilhelm Rosemann) responsible for the study, he designed the tin and sulfur compounds has a structure similar to diamond, and then spraying the organic ligand.

Dr. Luo Seman and his colleagues noted that this compound is a fine amorphous powder, which is not volatile, having a gas stability at 300 degrees Celsius remained thermal stability.
This compound is an inorganic nanocrystal core structure, the surface coating is an organic ligand.

when released near-infrared laser light shines on this compound, the special structure of the compound through the non-linear interaction, changing the wavelength of light, the formation of the human eye visible wavelength range of light.
The researchers noted that the visible portion of the spectrum is similar to the color temperature of tungsten halogen lamps.

converted release has strong directional light, suitable for high spatial resolution of the microscope, or for high throughput of the projection system.
Currently, this latest study, published in a recent issue of the journal “Science.”

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