Human-mouse chimeric experiment may breed clever ” two brothers “

[Abstract ] scientists tried to cultivate human organs in pigs in response to the shortage of organ transplant dilemma faced, but it also may unexpectedly grow human brain.
People pig chimera experiments

scientists worry about nurturing organs may create a monster.

Tencent science News According to the British “Daily Express” reported that US scientists have in a trial in human stem cells injected into pig embryos to cultivate human embryonic pig is called a chimera.
But the study has sparked fears may breed pigs like people have wisdom.

fears of human and swine genes in this way are mixed together, make animals grow animal appearance, but it has the same human brain or human wisdom.
This research is very controversial, major US medical research agency – the National Institutes of Health proposes to suspend funding for such experiments sponsorship.

The primary focus of the study is that human cells might develop into a pig’s brain, and in some respects it is more like humans.
The person in charge of the study, biological regeneration sociologist Pablo Ross, said:. “This result is unlikely to occur, but it is also the study suffered a key reason for this warning we believe pigs to grow human brain
the possibility is very low, but it will also be our exploration content. “said Mr.

Ross hybrid bio should be like a normal pig in appearance and behavior, only one organ is composed of human cells.
Fearing possible human swine chimeric embryos development too much like us humans, so the embryo is only allowed to sow vivo survival 28 days, then it will be removed for analysis.

other US research team has created extraordinary chimeric pig embryos, but did not allow any embryo was born, this is because the researchers bred fears of strange creatures.
Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Minnesota, said Walter Low, the pig is to cultivate human organs ideal “biological incubator” for nurturing and possibly pancreatic, and even the heart, liver, kidney, lung and cornea.

He claimed: “If the induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a need for transplant patients, it can be injected into a key gene has been deleted pig embryo to breed organs patient needed this.
organ would be the perfect genetic copy of your body organs, and more young and healthy, you do not have to take immunosuppressive drugs carry side effects. ”

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