U.S. helicopter design space capsule

Currently, the latest design of the new space capsule enables astronauts soft landing anywhere on Earth, during which does not need a parachute.


Conceptual image shows an Earth return capsule, which uses a rotor blade system instead of parachutes. When a space capsule into Earth landing stage rotor blades will start to make space capsule reduced subsonic


The test capsule hanging cord at NASA tested on


NASA’s Johnson Space Center aerospace engineer Jeff – Hagen top model in the space capsule attached a rotor blade

According to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, the latest design of the new space capsule enables astronauts soft landing anywhere on Earth, during which does not need a parachute.

Traditional non-space capsule carrying astronauts landed in the ocean or the accuracy of the ground, is difficult to control the direction of the astronauts to use parachutes for landing. NASA wants a new non-powered rotor design allows the astronauts landing on the planet anywhere, even without a parachute, landing at the top of the building will be able to.

A research team at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in spacecraft assembly center compartment built a scale model of space, try to test the rotor system is used instead of parachutes to achieve spacecraft return.

This design makes the space capsule with a helicopter stability and control, and does not require power. In the space capsule during descent Merry swept rotor, the blades spin up, this process is called “self-rotation”, previously used in a helicopter, but never been used on the spacecraft. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Engineer Jeff – Hagen said: “The purpose of this test is to study how the space capsule rotor begins to rotate, we are as far as possible the construction of an ideal space capsule.”

Researcher Jim – Meehan said this is a low-tech test project. He stood for the construction of 16-storey concave rocket spacecraft assembly center, this 2-pound scale model of the space capsule suspended 480 feet in the ground a long cord on.

Testers Handheld helicopter radio remote control to remotely change the height of the rotor, slowing the landing, so that non-powered spacecraft four landings in the foam heap. The space capsule model design intent is to make real soft landing capsule, based on adequate control landing at any place on earth, whether it is the runway or top of the building. As long as a helicopter landing site can be, this could be the landing capsule.

Meehan said: “You can slow landing in the expected location, future astronauts can no longer be landed in the ocean. Compared with the parachute, the astronauts can soft landing in the target location.”

When a space capsule into Earth landing stage, built-in help system, the rotor will start, the capsule control panels on both sides will be opened up on the blade to rotate. Still need more tests, including: high-altitude balloon release rotor – space capsule landed a few miles above possibilities. Designers hope that this small space capsule to the International Space Station returned from precious scientific experiment samples.

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