U.S. scientists have developed a robot cube

MIT scientists have developed an ability to flip, cube-shaped robot jumping robots, and they can be assembled into different shapes.


MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) Scientists have developed a robot can self-assembling cubes.

These small robot is called M-Blocks, they have no external components, but can be used for a built-in moving flywheel mechanism, all of them connected together by a magnetic. Scientists imagine this miniaturized swarmbot robot can be like “Terminator” movie “steel” robot-like self-assembly. Reality, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), researchers believe that this cube can be used to temporarily repair the robot army bridges or buildings, or as a self-assembled, reconfigurable scaffolding. Modular robot has an advantage, able to adapt to any task they face or terrain.

CSAIL laboratory research scientists John Romanishin responsible for this project, he said: “We want hundreds of random cube robot through floods, identify and unite with each other, and according to their own needs, or assembled into a chair Tables. “M-Blocks robot is currently transmitted by the radio wave control computer instructions, but the researchers hope that this algorithm can be loaded directly into the module, so that they can be adapted to achieve full autonomy and in different environments. Scientists hope that in the battle or emergency, equipped with sensors and camera modules will be able to figure out how to complete a specific task.

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