Africa, the world’s largest wild boar found

Currently, scientists in Uganda found the world’s largest wild boar – “forest giant pig”, two meters in length and weighing 275 kg.



Living in Uganda Forest National Park Ji Beili giant pig, weighing up to 275 kg, body length two meters

This figure is a different species pig body weight and length standards, from top to bottom are: captivity York pig; forest giant pig; Eurasian wild boar; pygmy boar

According to foreign media reports, at present, scientists discovered in Uganda the world’s largest wild boar – “forest giant pig”, two meters in length and weighing 275 kg.

Though it is a giant, but few people know Zhezhi African wild boar species, which is a long with a black boar bristles, long a prominent cheeks and sharp fangs, in fact, the forest giant pig system in 1904 was only describe, on the African continent newly discovered mammals.

National Geographic Channel, explorer, wildlife ecologist Rafael – Reina – He Erda more (Rafael Reyna-Hurtado) National Park in Uganda Ji Beili study only the world’s largest wild boar, and sometimes other types of pigs will be There are more obese individuals grow even bigger than forest giant pig, but overall this is the largest size boar pig species.

Forest giant pigs live in Africa and Central regions, Heer Da put a lot of effort to study this more wild boar, giant forest pigs discover some of the secrets, such as: how far they walk, the food we eat, how it happened interact with their peers, as well as how they survive in a dangerous wild.

However, the forest giant pig did not completely avoid humans, in recent years, human beings hunted such behavior is more rampant boar, giant forest of eastern Africa, the number of pigs in the past three decades has been close to “cordon”, so that continued to decrease in the number of species becomes more critical.

There are 18 kinds of wild boar species worldwide, including: Eurasian wild boar, wild boar and other dwarf, Eurasian wild boar maximum weight of 181 kg, body length of 1.5 m, dwarf boar weighing 9.9 kg maximum body length of 0.24 m.

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