150 million years ago, the latest archaeological discoveries of fossil insects mating

Scientists recently discovered two ancient spittlebugs abdomen abdominal mating fossil specimens, this is by far the earliest discovered two insects mating, contribute to a better understanding of ancient mating posture of biological evolution.



Scientists found that by far the most ancient insects mating, from 165 million years ago

According to the British magazine New Scientist reported that, at present, 165 million years ago, scientists have recently discovered fossil samples spittlebugs mate, this is by far the earliest fossil evidence of two insects mate, help scientists study how insects evolved a complex sexual way.

China Capital Normal Shichang Kun (transliteration) in ten years time to study analyzed the number of one hundred thousand insects, fossils, and find evidence of ancient insects mating. He said: “I observed several one hundred thousand fossil samples analyzed, only fossil fore.” It is reported that in the fossil specimens found in very rare animal behavior, especially mating behavior.

Australia’s Macquarie University behavioral ecologist Mary – Herb Kirsten (Marie Herberstein), said: “From the point of view of modern insects mating posture, they have a variety of ways, however, most modern insects mating or after taking the male upper body posture, insect intercourse posture mainstream evolutionary theory is that the earliest ancient insects mating the female host. ”

Mainstream theory is that from ancient insects mating male female host gradually evolved into the host, and then evolved into the abdomen on the fishy part missionary mating posture, this posture is still seen in some modern species of insects. For example: Modern spittlebugs.

Herb Basten said the study helps to reveal whether other biological mating posture? I think that plays a certain role. The number of insect species on the planet than any other biological populations, understanding insect mating behavior will help us understand the majority of animals mating.

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