Big tits Hydra can survive 1400

People worry about their pet dogs and cats died, at present, scientists discovered a strange aquatic organisms can become the future of mankind “longevity pet.”

Big tits hydra under the microscope is considered “immortal” bio, after 1400 the mortality rate is only 5%

According to the British Daily Mail reported that scientists have pointed out, a freshwater hydra could “live forever”, along with age, stronger, and even life can reach 1400.

It’s called the “big nipples hydra”, it can be observed with a microscope activity status, tubular body structure contains tentacles, mouth and sticky tentacles. It is reported that scientists study analyzed 46 different biological aging of its features, which include: mammals, plants, fungi and algae.Humans, mammals, birds will become senile with age, but the tortoise and the trees will be stronger.

Southern Denmark University evolutionary biologist Owen – Jones (Owen Jones), Dr. said many people, including scientists, including aging is generally considered an inevitable phenomenon, like humans, the Earth can not avoid all biological aging; increases with age The increasingly frail, the mortality rate will rise. But the latest study confirms not.

The research team analyzed the phenomenon of aging oaks, algae, nematodes, lice, lions and baboons to observe 11 species of mammals, 12 kinds of other invertebrates and 10 species of invertebrates and 12 species of plants and one kind of algae.

Jones said: “The diversity of these organisms mortality and fertility We are very surprised, before we fully understand and grasp the signs of aging and to better address the problem of human aging requires a lot of research work.” Currently, the research report published in “Nature” magazine recently published.

Experimental data show that the mortality rate is very low hydra big nipples, and long life, after 1400, the mortality rate is only five percent of the biological, the individual is still showing strong vitality. For most species, age mortality rates gradually rise, this phenomenon occurs in humans, most mammals such as orcas, are also present in Daphnia and other invertebrates. But there are also unique biological nature, desert tortoise higher mortality in early life, the greater the age, the lower the mortality rate, can live up to 80 years.

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