Mars will increase cancer risk

Scientists Curiosity radiation dose detector data found that Mars is full of “Murder”, the astronauts can make to increase the probability of suffering a fatal cancer.
Astronauts on the Martian surface radiation environment will experience unprecedented, if effective measures are not taken, then the risk of fatal cancer will increase

According to foreign media reports, the trip to Mars is a crisis-ridden adventure, scientists believe that space radiation can seriously affect the health of astronauts, the results of these probes are from Mars rover Curiosity. Curiosity to Mars on the track, it conducted a test of space radiation, cosmic radiation dose on simulated astronauts to Mars orbit received, named after a planned Mars One, trying to put volunteers rushed in Mars, the journey to Mars in about 180 days, Curiosity’s Radiation Assessment Detector to find out if the astronauts to complete the journey of the cumulative radiation dose of 1.01 mSv, and therefore requires a special spacecraft to Mars radiation shielding measures.

In fact, the astronauts in space missions when the need for strict control of their radiation doses suffered by the European Space Agency to the upper limit in a sievert, radiation control over this line will increase by 5% of the fatal cancer risk , principal investigator located the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado Curiosity radiation dose detector Don Hassler think this total dose of radiation is also a violation of the provisions of NASA, astronaut makes increase the likelihood of cancer, NASA also collaboration with the National Academy of Medical Sciences to explore if the control of radiation in deep space missions of the total dose.

When the surface of Mars Curiosity arrival, scientists are also on the Martian surface radiation doses were monitored, the data show about astronauts daily dose of 0.64 mSv, while the surface of Mars radiation environment is dynamic, so curious number in a year carried out continuous monitoring, the amount of time especially when the sun is 11-year activity cycle peak stage. Scientists found that the surface of Mars radiation environment not only solar radiation, but also a considerable degree of galactic cosmic rays, so the surface of Mars is not the presence of microorganisms, but that does not mean there is no life on Mars in the ground.

Scientists suspect that when we Martian underground layer of soil about 1 meter excavation, it is possible to find traces of the past presence of micro-organisms, from the perspective of the evolution of life, Mars may have experienced the process of extinction, and therefore the presence of subterranean microbial life is the last form.

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