NASA discovered clay-type minerals in the surface of Europa

NASA Europa’s surface was first discovered clay-type minerals, which means that there may be essential to life on Europa formed organic matter.



Europa (Europa) is one of the four large moons of Jupiter

NEW YORK, Dec. 11 reported that NASA announced on the 11th, most likely there is life in Jupiter’s satellites – Europa’s surface for the first time found a clay-type minerals, which means that the formation of life on Europa may have to critical organics.

NASA said in a statement the same day, in Europa’s surface called phyllosilicates found a type of clay mineral, this mineral is likely to be hit by a comet or asteroid Europa bring, type of clay minerals brought comet or asteroid often carry organics.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory expert Jim Shirley said: “The formation of organic matter is an important cornerstone of life, can usually be found on the original asteroid comet discovered this comet on Europa’s surface (or asteroid) impact. rock residue, perhaps seeking to open a new chapter of life on Europa. ”

Over the years, many scientists believe that Europa is a planet in the solar system except for the existence of the planet most likely to life, because Europa’s surface ice hidden in a huge ocean, but there is liquid water, there may be the existence of life. In addition, the scientists also believe that the presence of a comet or asteroid impact Europa sent organics, but had been a lack of evidence.

Shirley and colleagues analyzed the near-infrared image “Galileo” spacecraft in 1998 captured these images by today’s standards in terms of accuracy is low, but they take advantage of new technologies which discovered the existence of phyllosilicates.

These minerals in Europa’s surface to form a 40 km diameter ring off, about 120 kilometers from a 30 km diameter crater center away. The researchers conclude that this is caused by the broken ring of a diameter of 1100 m 1700 m asteroid or a comet impact in diameter Europa spilled material.

U.S. Jet Propulsion Laboratory Jupiter expert Bob Pappalardo launch an appeal to the Europa landers to further determine the composition of Europa, because “to understand the composition of Europa’s history is interpreted and whether it should be Habitat is the key. ”

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