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This schematic shows the exoplanet Kepler-78b, which is just around the star running period 8.5 hours, less than 1 million miles away, which is less than 2.7 times the stellar radius is very extreme close, doomed long

Beijing December 10, according to the United States “Discover” magazine website reported that many extrasolar planets, Kepler-78b was unusual, not only because of its size and the Earth is quite possible to have surface rocks and an iron core. Kepler-78b and the similarity between the earth may not be limited thereto. It revolves around a star similar to the Sun, “Kepler -78” running very close distance, the length of a “year” is only 8.5 hours. In fact, because of its distance and its “sun” is too close between the average surface temperature of nearly 2,000 degrees Celsius higher than the earth. Therefore, it is called a “rocky” planet actually is not rigorous, because it is more like a lava flooded the hell planet.

But this is not the whole mystery behind Kepler-78b, in fact, scientists believe the planet should never exist.

Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) astronomer David Larsen (David Latham) said in a press release: “The planet is entirely a mystery that we do not know why it would form, too. I do not know how it will be moved to the location where it is today on, but we really know that that this situation will not last forever. ”

Accordance with the existing theories of planetary formation, is simply alien planet – its small size, larger than the earth is only about a 20%, it can not be in a position now live on the evolution of the form, and the current theory could not find any kind of mechanism to enable it to migrate here from elsewhere. But one thing is certain, and that is it will not insist on too long at the current location, it is destined to be the star of the fire swallowed.

But here “soon” Of course the scale of astronomical significance, that simply does not exist for a planet, such a life has been generous enough. According to the current estimates, Kepler-78b would be about 30 billion years after the fall among the stars in the raging flames.

Located star Kepler -78 Cygnus, about 400 light years from Earth. When it is in the early stages of stellar evolution, the volume is much greater than now. And when astronomers try to calculate the star during its early evolution of the volume size, they found that time the planet Kepler-78b orbits will be located in the stellar interior. Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics astronomer Dmitry Sussex Love (Dimitar Sasselov) said: “It is of course impossible to live in today’s position on the form, because you can not form a star inside a planets. ”

So whether it is possible is that this planet once had an early orbit farther, and thereafter gradually inward migration happened? This possibility has been excluded researchers. Sussex Love said: “It could not be further away form after the migration to the current position, because if that’s the case it will be a hit directly to the star so we are in a dilemma..”

But despite possessing such peculiar characteristics, Kepler-78b is not alone, in fact it represents a new class of type exoplanets in recent years by NASA Kepler space telescope discovery. The size of such exoplanets close to Earth, and orbits very close to the star (orbital period less than 12 hours). In this one, Kepler-78b is the member’s first to be determined size and density. Larsen said: “Kepler-78b is a typical representative of this new type of extrasolar planets.”

Despite the Kepler team first discovered Kepler-78b, but in the course of the study the scientists also with the settings in the Spanish Canary Islands astronomical observation equipment, and high-resolution observations Keck telescope in Hawaii . Principle Kepler Space Telescope to detect extrasolar planets is called “Ling Star Law” – that is accurate stellar photometry, when the planets from the sun through the front part of the star’s light will be blocked, resulting in a slight brightness of stars decrease was detected. Such measurements can be used to estimate the diameter of exoplanets. And another way were called “radial velocity method”, the basic principle is: When the planets around the star running, although its quality is very small compared to the stellar terms, but will still have some impact stellar, so Its mild shaking. By detecting this shaking effect, scientists can estimate the size of the mass exoplanets. The radial velocity method and data transiting method to obtain combined, scientists will be able to calculate the density value of exoplanets.

Astronomers pointed inside the orbit of Mercury in our solar system is completely inside may have had a planet, only later swallowed whole by the sun without leaving a trace. And on the other hand, although the origin of such strange exoplanet’s not yet clear, but perhaps they can be called “Icarus planet” – as the ancient Greek mythology Icarus as they are too close to the enclave from the sun. This is tantamount to moths, which will eventually lead perish.

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