Japan’s new volcanic island area increased 1.5 times three days the situation was rapidly expanding

West Island of Japan’s Ogasawara Islands (located Ogasawara Village, Tokyo, Japan) formed due to volcanic eruptions near the “new island”, its area expanded 3.7 times higher than the initial form.

The picture shows the area gradually expanded new volcanic island. Regional ① ② ③ represent a new area of the island on November 21, December 1, December 4 in.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency on the 12th the 9th news release, the West Island of Japan’s Ogasawara Islands (located in Tokyo, Japan Ogasawara village) near due to volcanic eruptions and the formation of the “new island” area expanded 3.7 times larger than its initial form.Since the active movement of lava, three days December 1 to 4, which is a volcanic island in the area sharply increased 1.5-fold.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Coast Guard said the photographs taken from the analysis, since November 20 observed the formation of a new island volcano eruption, the island area on a gradually expanding day by day. Compared with the 11th 21, December 1 Nisshin Island area reached 38,000 square meters, which is 2.5 times the initial formation of; December 4, it has been increased to 56,000 square meters, was originally formed when 3.7 times.

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