“National Geographic” magic light Portfolio

“National Geographic” for its animal pictures taken around the world and famous, but who knows, it can also produce such amazing reader works.
Photographer Justin – Najib fortunate captured this stunning photo, which shows the monks are flying Thai Loy Krathong (Yi Peng Festival) on paper lanterns, later on it immediately attracted the rain.

The magazine on its Web site recently organized a series of columns called “illuminate Earth”, used to show the magazine’s readers submitted to Your Shot column photo sharing personal work.Lindstedt – Hunter in her hometown of Tallinn, Estonia captured this photo about the holiday bazaar.

Sheila’s friends angry Madagascar lights mapped out a motel Madagascar flag colors, this picture was taken by Michelle – Martini in shooting.

Exposure blurs the Shanghai elevated highway is the rapid rise in car headlights, the figure by Paul – shoot Rafi.

Want to watch the crowds downtown Christmas light show in Tokyo, Japan’s patiently waiting in line, this photo was taken from the warehouse 科加奈.

In Scotland Pitt 洛赫里 light festival, photographer Eddie – Bain shoot colored light to penetrate to the trees, illuminating the night sky picture.

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