British Minister of Science and predicted 30 years humans will land on Mars or

British Minister of Science predicted that human astronauts can walk in the next 30 years on Mars.

UK Minister for Science David Willetts claimed that future Mars landing mission requires global cooperation.

UK Minister for Science David Willetts announced a £ 80 million funding projects in space cooperation, he claimed to become more optimistic, many countries are put aside their differences to implement a global mission to Mars. And he claimed that the UK will be the first for future space exploration scientific expertise necessary to provide funding and help.

Mr Willetts is a trip to China after his speech, he signed an agreement with China, which has the potential to Britain’s rocket technology used in China within five years of rocket. He claimed that, despite political differences, but successful landing on Mars will lead the technical challenges of global cooperation. He said: “I think if you let the Europeans, Americans and Chinese cooperation in other major countries of this project, it will be very exciting.”

Mr Willetts believes that first need to accelerate lunar exploration, first relying on robots and humans will once again landed on Mars and the moon as a trip to the transfer station. Willetts claimed that: “The new space is likely part of the Cooperation Fund for further co-operation between China Dear areas where we have a strong technology, and know that we have advanced robotics we will now focus on the projects that we can cooperate together.. ”

Mr Willetts acknowledged that Mars has not agreed program, but he believes Research USA, China, Russia and India alone has the potential for future cooperation in the common task. He said: “We first need to use more and more unmanned spacecraft to Mars assembly robot systems obtain their own experience and then we need to try the situation in the absence of the material brought back to Earth from Mars, but I think there will be humans. go to Mars, but there may be in 30 years. ”

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